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I am always a S in Old Navy and XS or even XXS in Denim and Co. I find ON to be more like a juniors fit in some cases.
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Generally, it has been my experience that D&C runs big, and ON runs small.  With nothing else to go on, if you an XL in D&C, get a 2X in ON.

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Re: Old Navy sizing help

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Old Navy sizing is an odd duck...and the sizing chart is not always accurate.


I used the sizing chart because I wanted a dark denim jacket and according to the chart it SHOULD have fit.  Well, I actually went to the store and tried said item fit, kinda.  It was more snug than I felt comfortable wearing. 


I then tried on the bleached denim jacket in the EXACT same size and if fit much more comfortably.  I would see if they have your item in the B&M before purchasing it online.


Good luck!

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I like Old Navy for tank tops, tee shirt's and hoodies, I never buy much more than that hubby likes their sweats, but in recent years their prices have gone up and up. 

I find that their sizing can be odd and I have had to return things

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I have found the sizing to be all over the place. That is a store I must try things on in.  I've tried on tops that ran huge and tops that ran super small.