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I am begining to find this line  on the juvenille side and even slightly tacky. It is far from all this fashion expert claims. A far cry from high fashion. Yes, some fun pieces here and there but you would have a hard time building a true wardrobe with this line.

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I am watching the presentation of the faux leather jacket and it looks like plastic, awful. 

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Understood.  I've felt that way from the beginning.  But that's just me.  No disrespect - If you love the line and are making purchases, then enjoy !

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Jill Martin is getting paid very well to push this line of clothing. I see pictures of Jill in the Hamptons . Funny, everything she states are must haves - I don't see any of the clothes on her..🤔 Shawn appeared to be a guest of hers in the Hamptons this week. Funny, I didn't recognize these must have Gili Pieces on Shawn either..
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I thought the G.I.L.I line was pretentious from the very beginning, and way too expensive for what it is. 

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Not sure if it was late last night or very early this morning woke up and saw her presenting a white combination huge purse/backpack with about a foot of fringe dangling from the flap. Thought I must be dreaming all that fringe, who does that to a purse? You'd have to push it aside like drapes to find the opening. 

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I used to like some things in this line. Not now,  the stuff is awful ! 

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Anything trending, this line picks it up to the extreme.  Like when Jill Martin walked out in a floor length all plaid dress or what ever it was.  I mean you couldn't help think robe.  It should have came with coordinating slippers.  I hope the $500 one this was knocked off from looked better, but of course it was siad the Gili one did.


I hate to put anything down becuase I know some purchased it, so I hope they rock it in good health.  It's just this line comes off so pretentious, or maybe it's just Jill.

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@KKlim  As well I feel, Jill Martin hales from NYC, a far cry in the fashion-wearing world than many of us live in.  Many of the fashions (1) I wouldn't wear even if I wanted to pay the prices they charge, (2) I wouldn't wear them where I live, some maybe to a club on the weekend, but that's about it.


And I don't do clubbing.

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Fashion experts outside of Qvc have commented on GILI?  Really?  It's a shopping channel brand and I assume a very successful one.  It doesn't appeal to me but I'm ok with that.  A lot of things don't appeal to me.  It tries to be a little trendy and that's the appeal of the brand.  It's a cliche, I know but don't like, don't buy it.