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How does Old Navy sizing compare to Denim & Co and J.Jill?  I usually wear an XL with both Denim & Co and J.Jill but have found something on Old Navy's website that is not in the store.  If you can provide some comparison I would appreciate it.  Thanks.

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Re: Old Navy sizing help

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I don't wear Denim & Co. or J.Jill, but will tell you that Old Navy is one of those places where the sizes are consistently inconsistent. It all depends on the garment and in my experience, you really need to try things on. In the same shopping trip recently, I bought 2 dresses, one small and one large. A pair of shorts in a size 10. A pair of jeans in a size 14. Two tank tops, identical except for color but 1 size medium and 1 size small. The upside was that I got that all for around $50. You definitely get what you pay for in terms of quality. I'm not trying to be a Debbie Downer, I just don't want you to order something and be disappointed. 


For comparisons sake, I consistently wear a medium (10/12) from Land's End and LLBean, so Old Navy's sizes are kinda all over the place. 

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That's an odd question.  If you want your correct ON size, just use there size charts. 

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In tops I wear a small in D&C and JJill.  In Old Navy I wear a M.  I wear a size 6 in Denim co AND old Navy Jeans.  HAvent bought bottoms in jjill but most of their stuff runs big compared to most retail

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Sizing can be different over the line, and season to season if I'm trying on I'll take 2 Sizes 


Will definitely be smaller than DC I think 






why not order one of each size 

it's free shipping and returns over fifty I think 


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I recently rediscovered Old Navy after not having shopped there in literally years! I purchased nearly every color they make in the high neck tank because I really like that style. They were not identical in that some of them were a relaxed fit or a swing or whatever but the overall look is basically the same. I bought the same size in all of them and had no issues. I bought a pair of the pixie ankle pants. I've been trying to get the white jeans but when I went to the store they never had my size so I finally just ordered them online. The jeans ran bigger than the ankle pants.

I've been washing and wearing the tanks quite a bit and I've had no issues. Meanwhile with a particularly pricey Q brand a shirt was ripped to shreds in the washer or dryer after only washing a couple of times! So much for you get what you pay for huh?

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What do the review  comments say for the item you want ?  I have always found that their sizing runs more or less the same as the sizing I get everywere else however I always check the review comments by other people because they are most always very good on telling you if the item runs big or small.   I will say on anything with long sleeves that the sleeves run REALLY long !!!

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Re: Old Navy sizing help

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I am between a 4 and a 6 in bottoms. A 6 to 8 in tops. The jeans run pretty true to size. I size up to a medium in the leggings because I don't like compression. Sometimes I get small in the t shirts, sometimes medium. It depends on whether I want a close or roomy fit.


JJill runs much bigger. I get an extra small in their pants and a small in tops. I don't buy much from Denim & Co.

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I wear XS in JJIll tees. I need a medium in Old Navy. I wear a size 2 in JJill pants and a size 2 in Old Navy too. That is a store where you need to try things on. The tops are pretty tight.

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I wear a Medium in Denim and Co, and I wear a Large in Old Navy.  I usually order shirts from Old Navy. The pants/shorts from Old Navy don't fit me comfortably.  I ordered a few dresses from Old Navy before, too, and they are made of really thin material and don't last through more than one season.