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I don't know, I don't love it, when I order something I don't love I usually end up returning it.

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I'm not a fan of down coats or jackets.  I had one down coat years ago ... would never buy another.


Much prefer the poly fiberfill (Primaloft or Thinsulation).  

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I would have bought it, if it were a bit longer, at least touching my knees.

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  I ordered my regular large, I hope it fits! The xl had a chest measurement of 52 and I though that was much too large. I guess we shall see. I hope I don’t have to return these since they are nice for the price. I missed the one from last year. Fingers crossed! 

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Enjoy your coats. I don’t like the vertical puffer look or the sheen on the jacket so it’s not my style. 

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Received my jacket and it is a winner, and wow it was packed in a box which amazined me

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Newage is having a TSV on 11/8.  It is Stretch Puffer Jacket with Removable Hood and Faux Fur  A342280.  It is showing under new products today.

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I want to expand my thoughts about the Nuage line of outerwear sold on QVC in the U.S. and TSC in Canada: The sizing can be an issue even with garment measurements. A couple of years ago I bought a faux shearling Nuage jacket and even though the size L should have fit, it was too tight and I ended up getting an XL which fit me. I normally wear a size 14-16 missy top and have jackets and outerwear in other brands that are large or XL.


I noticed that the non down outerwear Nuage jackets are the ones that are designed in Denmark. Those are the Nuage by Etage jackets that have non down fill aka some kind of polyester fill. Yesterday when I was at Costco Canada, they had a display of Nuage by Etage outerwear jackets for men and women. They were all longer puffer jackets that have a stretch fabric shell that came below the bum area. I tried one on and I would take an XL in that jacket. They were selling the coats for $140 - $150 CDN which I thought was a fair price for what it is. Those jackets had 2 way zippers but there was no where to sit down in those coats to test out how strong or functional or easy it would be to unzip the bottom when sitting down in a chair like in your auto. The outerwear line may want to promote that it's designed in Denmark or designed in Canada but the actual coat I tried on in Costco was made in Vietnam.


I watched the QVC demos for items A296127,A342280, and the packable down jacket A343271 and the one thing I noticed is that they also do not demonstrate if you can sit down in these longer jackets easily without undoing the bottom of the two way zipper. It may or may not be easy to sit in those jackets, I don't know.

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Re: Nuage Jacket

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Last year's jacket had odd sizing according to my sister..  She and her best friend had made the purchase and tried on each others jackets both the same size and the fit was not the same.  She said the dark purple was more fitted while the one she bought (black) not as fitted.  About being able to sit down, she said no problem and that the extra zippers on the sides were not really necessary. I think the zipper on the back on this year's jacket looks odd.  Not sure if it will make a hill of beans difference to the many fans....all the colors will probably sell out. 

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I have a similar Susan graver for $60. It also has the cuff inside the sleeves to keep out cold. Highly recommend!!