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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

I am pleased to see a Linea Leisure line, as that suits my lifestyle. I like the sleeves, pockets and seaming detail on the new tunic. Not sure about the neckline. Unless a tunic is available in a petite length, I'm out. I bought the black V neck tunic in the cotton/span fabric from the Bay. Picking it up from the tailor tomorrow. At full price, I will not buy a garment that needs to be hemmed. Just my choice.

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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

I like the top, I love the length and the colors. Is this Linea's first foray into the jeans world? Did I say I really, really like that

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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

On 1/2/2015 BaileyBop said:

Love the tops, just might pick up the pastels. But........I really want the silver fish necklace. I see it with a gold eye, did they come with a blue one?

The silver fish has an orange-yellow eye on one side and blue on the other. I wore it with everything through the holidays and got compliments from everyone, including perfect strangers.

I am attracted to the ice-blue and the pink in the tops, and I do like the styling, but I'll have to see a reasonable price first.

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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

Glad to see something new from Louis. This line fits into my lifestyle. As for his classic pieces, I have lots and also give them as gifts. I have lots of jackets and don't need anymore. His clothing really lasts a good long time. No need to add more now. I will definitely check this line out. Thanks , Louis. Spring and summer should be interesting too.

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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

That necklace is umm quite interesting...looks like fish picked to the bones

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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

Frankly, I miss the old Linea. Nothing unique anymore. I will have to be satisfied with my closets full of stunning jackets.

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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

Lovin' the light blue tunic....does anyone know what ""regular"" length is on the pants? I'm tall and need the length.

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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

On 1/2/2015 DebPA said: I had to chuckle. A well made, well fitting, "sport savvy" type outfit is exactly what's missing from my wardrobe now! Our first grandchild turned a year old, and we're back on the floor, building block towers, emptying the plastic storage containers from the kitchen cabinet, and all that wonderful toddler play. So, I'm in for a tunic or two to coordinate with the variety of Linea slim bottoms I've acquired, and maybe, just maybe, I'll match that navy tunic with the pants for Hazel's visits with grandma! Happy New Year everyone!

My first grandchild will be a year old next month and when I saw these pics I thought this is just what I need for hanging out with her. The black and navy tunics should work with my slim pants/legging/jeans. Not sure about the pants - the combination of elastic waist and pockets does not appeal but I will wait to see what they look like.

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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

I would wear matching tops and bottoms at home in a heartbeat if offered! I think that those of us who have bought Linea for a while know that Louis is a master of the cut of a garment. I bet comparing what he is bringing us with Sport Savvy will be like comparing apples with oranges.

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Re: Introducing Linea Leisure

I love that tunic with pockets and the subtle logo and the perfectly pink is coming home to me. Not sure yet about the pants but will see