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We're just six months away from Christmas in July!

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@brii wrote:

We're just six months away from Christmas in July!


Ha, Ha, Ha! or should that be Ho, Ho, Ho!


LOL, yup, QVC had an all day Christmas in July on July 1st this year and I expect them to do the same next year too! July 1 just happens to be Canada Day, a real holiday here so I don't think that too many Canadians watched QVC online that day but QVC sure likes to kick off the Christmas shopping super early, way before other shopping channels.

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Add me to the list of those waiting for winter to arrive.


When I woke up this morning it was 56.  That might not seem warm to many but here in Ohio, on December 22, it's downright balmy.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 60's and they are predicting 65 for x-mas eve.


The biggest bummer is we're getting a lot of rain.  It rained a lot of the day yesterday and they are predicting a lot of rain this entire week.  It's dark and dreary outside right now.  

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I guess those of us in usually cold climates can look at it this way --our lower heating bills can give us extra funds to spend on the after Christmas sales of coats etc.  which will probably be marked down more than usual to get rid of items that did not sell as well! Look out bargains , here we come! Are you listening QVC?