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Re: Does your husband help around the house??

I know how very blessed I am to have a man who sees our marriage and our home as a partnership. We both always worked, and always shared the chores. We just both worked hard to do what had to be done for our lifestyle. Cooking, laundry, grocery buying, cleaning, yard work, whatever; the person who was home and could manage it did it.

About 15 years ago I declared I was retiring from yard work. I'd been "blessed" with that task as a kid and was sick of it. So we started to hire that done, and for the time it takes, investment in equipment and everything considered around where we live it is a bargain beyond belief. One of the stipulations for retirement is we have to have enough to keep the yard guy! And he knows that! LOL!!!

Otherwise, someone may put the washer and the other one takes it out of the dryer, somebody puts out meat to thaw and someone else may cook or clean up, and we don't even discuss it. We just do what we can and need to do.

I grew up on the farm with my dad and the two of us could work three days and say very little to one another. We just started a job and both of us worked it along as needed. Didn't argue or fuss or plan who did what--just "got 'er done!" That's the way hubby and I work.

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Re: Does your husband help around the house??

My DH & I each have our areas of expertise. He repairs things and takes care of everything outside. Our car is spotless and I have not had to pump gas since he retired.He also does the outside of the windows. When I told him a few years ago that I was having difficulty doing some of the housecleaning tasks and he was going to need to help me, he made a decision to hire us a housekeeper to come in and clean every 2 weeks. She is a delight and a real Godsend. Thus far - he and I are both very happy with our arrangement, I don't bug him in his jobs and he doesn't bug me in mine.