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I really like them.  Im not buying clothes at this time but If I were I would get a couple of pairs.


The whole linen blend show at 12:00 am had several very cute items I would have bought.

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I purchased the Naturals linen blend jacket in the soft pink color.  Love it as a very light layering piece, styled like a denim jacket.  Also, since it's so light, I may even wear it alone sometimes as a top.  I saw the video of the model wearing it like that and it looked great.


@songbird I also purchased the sweater in the citrus multi.  Smiley Happy

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Anyone like the sweater tops?  I like that blue one.  Don't know if I will get it.  So hot outside....

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I thought the new sweater top was cute too.   But I think for me it would be a between seasons top since it’s too hot to wear now and would be too cold for wearing in the winter.  

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I very much like the style of the TSV but not sure about the linen blend.  Would probably need to be ironed and I do wish they would offer free shipping on the TSVs.



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I'm not a linen/linen blend fan and so far, nothing in the 'naturals' caught my eye. However, I'm considering a pair of the 'new' black acid washed cropped jeans A398803  Smiley Happy

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@Imaoldhippie   I liked some of the pieces too but I just don't need or want any more summer clothes. 

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I like the pants but they seem to be longer than the length specified for them. I saw that dragging on the floor on some of the models and the petite length seemed more like a regular length. The petite did not look like it was only 27." Anyone else think they looked long?

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Not sure if it's bc of the rise or cut, but everyone looks 10 lbs heavier especially midsection and wider butts. I thought it made Katrina look like she gained 10lbs midsection. Easy pass for me

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I think the pants look cute and cool for the warm weather, but buying pants online and getting a good fit is difficult for me. I don't have anything like this, and maybe that's a sign this style is not for me. I know I prefer a tailored pant. Sometimes I see something on someone else and it looks great, but when I try it on it's just not my style.