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Hi Everyone!


It's been hot and rainy here all week. Today is a bit cloudy and a few degrees ccoler. Hopefully, I'll get the grocery shopping done today Yesterday I did some banking and pushing the Dyson and dust mop around the first floor.


I did watch Jane"s shoe closet. I thought the lighting was good but the tech problems were a challenge. I wish you could have seen all the color shoe choices from the closet instead of the online picture. I was tempted with a few pair of the tennis shoes but the price stopped me. I still am eyeing the Spenco brand. 


I did order the fan TSV yesterday. I purchased a similar one last year for the dogs kennel rooom and it works better than I had hoped. I have since moved that one into the laundry room and put another one in the dogs room. This one is going to be for the wallpaper removal and painting projects on the list for this year. Should be so much more comfortable doing that work with a stronger breeze circulating the room.


The Denim &co TSV did catch my eye but since I have 2 new pair of crop pants with a wider leg decided that was enough. I still have to make another pass thru on the clothes closet and decide which pants are too tight before I order anything else. I'm still waiting on the TSV cropped from weeks ago. Shipping seems to be more of a mess again.


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Fressa, today is the hottest day of the week.  95° which is 20° above normal.  We are hoping to get showers and thunderstorms this afternoon & evening.  We have been doing next to nothing today as we did our grocery shopping yesterday.  I forgot about Jane's shoe shopping shoe.  The fan sounds like a good idea.  Good luck with stripping off the wallpaper.   My sister and I helped our mom do that back in the 60's.  Dad said Don't Do It, but she thought it would come right off. Wrong.  We have a wallpaper border in our liv room near the ceiling & it's strippable.


We are going to the gym soon.  The hot tub was nice, but we went in before lunch.


We were going to get a carryout lunch, but I wanted the Shrimp Boat and they don't have it on Friday's.  Darn it as I went by the restaurant on Tuesday and they are closed that day.  


It's going to be very nice next week so we are leaving on Tuesday for a 3 day beach vacation.  Baby steps at a time.  On Monday, we have an appt with the cemetery guy.  This idea is still a work in progress.


Nothing exciting going on around here.


Hugs to all of you.


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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  Hope you get your grocery shopping done, and it cools down there.  We are going into a very hot period of excessive heat warnings.  I like hot more than cold, but I'm not looking forward to temperatures expected to reach 110 degrees or so starting on Sunday.  


I purchased a new fan last year -- Rowenta brand.  It is very nice since there is a sleep mode that doesn't disturb me.  I already had three other fans (two towers and another like the TSV yesterday} in addition to ceiling fans in the living room, dining room, and Arizona room.  Trying to reduce AC use as much as I can, and I think the fans help.  Of course, the AC is a necessity.


Your beach trip sounds great, Glenda.  Sorry they didn't have the lunch you wanted.  Enjoy the gym.


I should mention that I use the term "sneakers" liberally since they are really running shoes which I use for my outdoor walks and the gym.  Several years ago, I fell on walks a couple of times when I was wearing other types of shoes, and decided the "sneakers" were a must despite not caring for the look.  I just do way too much walking to wear shoes without a lot of support.


Finished up my hospice work this morning, and I don't have any big plans for the rest of the day.  I did make a purchase here today -- D&Co. dress on big sale.  I had been looking at the dress, and the discount was great.  Now that I am back to going to church in person, I am back to wearing skirts and dresses.  Hope that I like it and don't regret the order. I am not a fan of wide-leg pants or linen, so the TSV was an easy pass.  Hope any of you who order it like it very much.


My friends and I are going out to lunch tomorrow, which will be a highlight of the week for me. 


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.





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Linda L, our hottest months are usually July and August. I hope that you have a nice lunch out with friends tomorrow.  I like to wear dresses and skirts to church in the warm weather.  We are hoping to be able to go back to church next month.