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@lulu2 wrote:

I surrender; I cancelled the hideous, ug  lee, worst ever, ugliest shoes QVC has ever presented.


I bought a pair of driving moccasins at Cole Haan with an extra 30% off.

You shouldn't cancel because of anything anyone here said.  However, the Cole Haan mocs sound much better. Woman LOL

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I bought a couple pairs of Clark's at their outlet store a few years ago.

I found the tread didn't last very long at all.....and on wet pavement...down she went!

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They look like something Madea would wear to do her shopping.

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@Favorite Son wrote:

They look like something Madea would wear to do her shopping.

Smiley LOLWoman LOL ROFL!!Woman LOL

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@Favorite Son Award for best post of the day

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I do not know what they were thinking on this one! Seriously awful and totally unattractive!! 

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I thought there was a shoe similar to the TSV by Clarks.  No, for me.  I would like to see more of this trend going on with the thicker, ridged sole which I would definitely be interested in.  The TSV is old hat.  Cat Very Happy

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Re: Clarks TSV...

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Oh Lord! These are by far one of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. The duck boots I brought for shoveling snow have more style then these.Woman Surprised