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I understand that QVC wants to present comfortable shoe selections but do they need to be so unattractive? I have a beautiful suede shoe that I always get compliments on that has a 1 inch heel. I wear them for walking in the city. Comfortable shoes can still be pretty...QVC just seems to believe we live in athleisurewear, sweats and wear clothing that doesn't need the support of a prettier comfortable shoe. It's a pass for me.

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There are so many ways to comment on something you don't care for.  There's absolutely no need to use terms such as "ugly - (or any other form of spelling for the same word), etc.   "Not my style", etc., seems so much kinder.  JMHO.

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I'm not crazy about the elastic band.  Maybe if it was the same color as the rest of the shoe

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Re: Clarks TSV...

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Amy, the model with the auburn bob...who's olive green anorak was she wearing? Did anyone see it in this morning's Clarks show with Carolyn? Please post!Woman Happy


Oh and about those Clarks...not my style. But those of you who are buying them, enjoy.Woman Happy

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ok @Krimpette  how bout hideous.

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@millieshops wrote:

I'm voting with the 30,000+ women who spoke with their money instead of their mouths.


I think it's perfectly fine to pass, but to denigrate something thousands are buying? Makes me wish sometimes I actually knew who was crying ugly and could return the favor!


As it is, I know once more not to quickly accept the opinions I see on the forums when it comes to style.  You obviously know what you like, but that doesn't mean you have the slightest idea what thousands of us are spending money on.


Thank you, QVC, for continuing to work well to appeal to a wdie variety of tastes.

These shoes offer NOTHING. They are not attractive in MOST viewers opinions -- they have no arch support and the elastic would make them offer not much support to the rest of the foot. They would basically be wearing a bedroom slipper. Comfortable - probably - but as we get older we need shoes that give us some SUPPORT, and these aren't them. I'll stick with my lace up walking shoes, they aren't pretty either but at least they prevent me from falling.

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Does anyone know if the dress Deanna wore toward the end of the Clark's TSV show this morning is a QVC dress? It was the black/tan/ivory geometric print dress she wore over her black leggings.  Thanks!

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@Corky47 wrote:

Does anyone know what brand the jacket is that model Amy is wearing on Clark's program this morning with Carolyn.


lol! Seems the jacket is the hit of the hour.Woman Very Happy I just now saw your post. I asked about it, too, after you did.Woman LOL

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I surrender; I cancelled the hideous, ug  lee, worst ever, ugliest shoes QVC has ever presented.


I bought a pair of driving moccasins at Cole Haan with an extra 30% off.