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Since I know from recent personal experience that returns get sent back out as new items, I don't think you have anything to lose from saving money on an As Is!

You can always return it if it's defective.
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I buy a lot of As-Is Items. I have bought VPH decor items, and they have been perfect! Sometimes, I just can't justify spending full price for some items, so as-is, is a great option. I have bought plenty of LOGO and Susan Graver as is, and as soon as I get them, I take them out of the plastic, inspect them, and they are placed directly into the washing machine! I have never worn any as-is item without washing first.

The only as-is item I thought was delivered in horrible condition was a pair of Clark's. I went against my better judgement, and bought shoes (never again)!!! I loved the style and wanted them in navy, a color I knew I wouldn't wear often, so I figured as-is was a good option. WRONG! They looked really, really worn. They were all scuffed up. Honestly, I can't believe QVC packaged these up to sell. They were still $40 as-is- compared to $55 regular price.

It's a gamble, but the probability you will receive an item in good shape is in your favor!

Good luck.


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I went on ahdead and ordered it.  I like the premier knit.  I have one other one.  They told me over the phone that it most likely was either a sample (the model wore it) or a return.  I can always return this.  Hopeful this one works out.  Thanks...

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I've ordered quite a bit of as is clothing.  No issues at all.  The majority appeared to be new.  I wouldn't hesitate.  If there's an issue, you can call qvc and send it back on their dime.

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I ordered an Amy Kestenberg handbag "as is". In this case, it was stained all along the sides with "blue jean dye".  I called and they said just mark it as defective, return it, no shipping costs to return.  I haven't had my refund yet, so I am not sure about the cost to ship it to me in the first place.  I will advise as soon as I find out.  


So, I will try "as is" again, I am sure that I will have better luck like so many of you have had.


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Yes, if it's not "in perfect condition" .... return it, I did.  S&H was even credited.

Two as-is clothing items had "new hang tags" on, and I was thrilled.

One other clothing item had been washed (could smell the fab softener), so I returned.

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I have had only good experiences with "As Is" clothing. All that i have received have not been damaged in any way. I think, from my experience, that often, for whatever reason, buyers did not like the coloir, did not fit, etc. qand sent it back..