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There is a Susan Gravier premier top I came across today listed As Is.  It's my size and it looks cute.  It is also available as new and in full price.  The As Is is more then $18.00 cheaper.  Is it worth it to buy?  What is As Is?  Wash, worn, damaged, etc"?

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Wow, hopefully someone will know, but in retail stores "as is" always means that there is something wrong with the garment.  If it is just soiled or wrinkled that can be resolved but if there is a tear or permanent damage that is a whole different situation.  Perhaps you can call customer service and see if they have any further info on this.  Without knowing the specifics I would not buy.

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Go for it the return policy is the same as a full price item. I've received many as is products and found them to be great values. I can honestly say none of the clothes were damaged. The boxes or packaging was really beat up but not the items.
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As is items are generally customer returns. The Q spells this out on as is items when you put them in your cart, then prompts, if you wish to purchase. I have purchased before and never had a problem, always looked new. You still will have the Q guarantee and can return if your not happy. Good luck in snaging a bargain!

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They might be customer returns,or they might be the item used on air.  Either way, I have had nothing but good luck with 'as is" items.  Sometimes I search for them specifically in the hope of finding a bargain. 


The item has always been well packaged and in good shape.  If they were used before, I could not tell. 



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I've mostly bought As-Is jewelry but have bought shoes and clothes, too.


They're not packaged nicely but in my experience the quality is equal to full price goods. 

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Last winter i bought several as is tops. Only one had a flaw. I even used one of the tops as a gift. Return of the one defective top was easy.
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I purchase as-is a LOT.  Sometimes the deal is worth it, sometimes the price isn't that much different than a featured price or clearance price if it's marked down.


I have only had 2 issues.  One was with a handbag that was all marred and scuffed.  The other was with a watch that either someone wore for the full 30 days before returning it or they used it a lot during on air presentations.  The band was shot on the watch. 


But the return policy is the same so there is no reason not to buy.  Most of the time the items still have the tags.


This blurb is on every as-is item:


This product may be a customer return, vendor sample, or on-air display and is not in its originally manufactured condition. It may not be new. In some instances, these items are repackaged by QVC. 

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I love 'as is' items - have a fair amount of them too.  I think only once I returned something only because I chose n ot to keep it.  They've always been spot on, clean,  no smell, rips or tears.  I always launder all clothing items (or most) depending on of course what it is so no problems with as is.  I check as is items all the time especially if I see something I really want but won't pay full price for it.  So many clothing items are so expensive, more than I think they're worth so if I can find it as is, I go for it and am 99% thrilled I did when I get it home.

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I read on a blog a few months ago that "AS IS" means it was worn by a model on air or it is a return item.