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Does anyone have YouTube TV?   So ready to give up cable!!!!!

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@bargain girls   I do

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@bargain girls    Do a search in Electronics using "Pulling the Plug".  There should be some good information.  You can try the streaming services free for a trial period to see if you like them.  I've had YouTube tv for several years and it has worked for me.

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We had DirecTV for almost 20 years, but the cost really got too high, even after negotiating with them every year or two.  We went with YouTube TV for less than half the price.  Everything that we watch is available except for our Minnesota Twins games.  My husband and I are very happy with it.

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YouTubeTV is probably the best of the streaming services as long as you do not follow your local sports teams.  I cut the cord 2 1/2 years ago and YTTV was 50.00 a month and had everything I liked to watch.  Since then they have had 2 price hikes and it is now $65 a month and they dropped all the regional sports networks so I cannot see my local teams unless they are on ESPN or FOX game of the week.

However, the channel lineup of YTTV is wonderful and they have UNLIMITED recording to the cloud.  I have entire series that I love to watch and if I have a favorite episode I can go to the specific season and episode and play it.  It is very easy to use, and so I have opted to keep it even without my sports.  Other services have sports, but then they lack things like TCM, TNT, TBS etc..  Also, nobody else offers the unlimited DVR.

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I have SlingTV and have been pretty happy  with it for 2 years.  Below is their current offer for new customers. On their website you can see the channels available in each package. Always get 50 hours of DVR included in the price and surprisingly I have done well with that.  I do record quite a bit.  For the summer, each weekend, they are offering free preview of a different premium channel.   

Just some highlights for you....



Limited Time Offer


Get half off your first month plus a free month of Showtime, Starz and Epix


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Don't think I could be without it now.  so much to see, and learn things from.  I watch it a lot.  Have favorites, and if there's any commercials, I usually only need to count to 4 or 5 and then you can click it off and back to the show.  It's our source of an entertainment, we have many channels, but I head there in the morning.

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I do.  I get everything I got with cable for a fraction of the price.  Minus 999 music channels.

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@bargain girls wrote:

So ready to give up cable!!!!!

@bargain girls  Unless you have another source, you will need your cable co for "internet."

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Yup, I finally switched from cable to YTTV last month and it was one of my better decisions in life.  Comcast gave me a great deal on high speed internet for 29.95 a month for two years and I got a promo deal on YTTV for the first 3 months before going to the regular price of 64.99.  I tested it out during the month of June with the free trial, before I officially made the change.


I love it, I would never look back.  It has ever channel I watch except for A&E, I'm sure they will get it eventually.  Love the unlimited DVR, I have so much stuff recorded it's not even funny.  Definitely recommend YTTV, wouldn't bother with any of the other streaming services out there.