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Re: Impossible to call Premier PC Support

I would ask the O/P if she has a warrenty and if she does she should read it very carefully. Perhaps, she can get a new computer?

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Re: Impossible to call Premier PC Support


I just saw your note when I was looking for Premier support myself and decided to let you know what I have since learned and did to fix my Acer computer which I bought from QVC 3 years ago.

I could not connect to the internet and therefore needed to use the toll free phone number supplied on my Premier Support brochure.  The number did not work so I went to the website address supplied for supportmefirst and saw that the number had changed over the course of the three years.  FYI the number listed now is: 844-806-3344.

However, when I could not reach the Premier support at first I called Acer Tech Support at

1-800-910-2237 and in less than 15 minutes and for no cost to me, my computer was on the internet again and I a happy camper without ever speaking to Premier techs.

I hope that by now you have had success too.