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Re: Hey Computer Geeks! What do you think about ...

I don't have the model they are selling today, but I do have an HP all-in-one printer I bought last year and it works very well.

I would check prices quickly locally though before buying. You can reuse your current printer cable, so that's not a big deal that the cable comes with this printer. The extra software is not anything to get excited about either.

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Re: Hey Computer Geeks! What do you think about ...

On 8/8/2014 KJPA said:

Yes, we leave the printer on but it goes into sleep mode. I don't think that should dry it out. We've had other printers that seemed to be the same way so we figured they are all like that. Hubby is an IT guy although hardware isn't his thing. His buddy at work just says to either get a new one or get an old laser printer that doesn't use ink.

Maybe printers have improved in the last 8 years or so Smiley Wink

Yes, it will dry out the ink. Turn it off when not in use.

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Re: Hey Computer Geeks! What do you think about ...

I was looking at the HP 8600 for $110, is the extra $20 worth getting the 8615 from HSN?

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Re: Hey Computer Geeks! What do you think about ...

It takes a very, very long time for ink to "dry up" so it will not longer flow in a printer. I ran into this problem with my mother-in-law. I told her over and over again to print something using color at least once a month, if not more often.

She waited so long in ruined the ink carriage that holds the individual ink tanks and it was cheaper for me just to buy her a new printer. I got her one, prints only, that has 4 individual ink tanks. It is a Canon but I do not remember the model number. She has had this for over a year now and it has worked flawlessly for her during that time.

She was fortunate that I decided to shell out for a new printer for her, but I made her promise to print something, with all colors used, at least monthly. She does and no problems.

As far as this new TSV on HSN? This is a 2014 model and it does use "ink tanks of 4 colors". The older model, that did the same thing and was a Pro Series, used the 2 cartridge ink system. How their "never run out of ink program works" I cannot tell you.

I know with all my Canon ink tank printers once the original tanks run out I buy generic ink tanks for them. For the all in one I am now using, it has 5 color tanks, I bought a set of 10 tanks which is enough to replace them all twice. Price? To my door was a few cents over $34. I know this will last me way more than a year. During hockey season I print much more often but very little of what I print is for photo's or other things that need top rated color printing.