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👉🏿FireFox Quantim vs Waterfox 👈🏿

I have been having a few hiccups w/FFQ.  For one thing, browser does not get along w/my add-ons.  YouTube videos on its site were invisible.  I had sound but not video.  Yet, I can view YouTube videos on other websites.  Just not on YouTube's site.  Something has changed in the Quantim version.  Hate it as much as I hate Safari. 


I was in Apple's forums as well as Mozilla forums a few weeks ago to see if other Apple or PC users were having FFQ issues when I noticed lot of posters in both forums kept mentioning this a browser called Waterworks.  It's exactly like FF before it became Quantim. 

I have been testing it for about 2 weeks now.  WW uses the same add-ons as FF & FFQ plus a lot of their own.   I can now view YouTube videos directly on their site again.


I have now ditched FFQ FOREVER!!!


Anybody else tried Waterfox?

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Re: 👉🏿FireFox Quantim vs Waterfox 👈🏿

not for nothing but I gave up on FF a few months ago, went to Chrome, which I did reluctantly as I liked so much with FF.


but it had become very buggy and there were things that were not working anymore

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Re: 👉🏿FireFox Quantim vs Waterfox 👈🏿

Never heard of it.  Using FFQ now.  No problems with videos on Youtube; view them every day on the Youtube website.