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UPS message sez mine is on its merry way from NY to Calif.   It is supposed to be here October 13.   hmmmmm. We shall see.

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I got mine in 2 weeks. I guess I was lucky.

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Another reason I do not order any device from QVC. I know it is frustrating not to receive it but, Amazon and Walmart has a lot of cases very cheaply priced. 

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I got mine today for the Fire 8HD 10th gen and the case is upside down.

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@ezootter wrote:

I got mine today for the Fire 8HD 10th gen and the case is upside down.

What do you mean the case is upside down ? Can you still use it? If not there are plenty of nice cases at amazon for this tablet .

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@ezootter wrote:

I got mine today for the Fire 8HD 10th gen and the case is upside down.



That is so funny; same thing happened to me. I bought the  tablet for one of my kids. The Caseable arrived last week and was upside down.  


Luckily, I had ordered a design (there was no photo, just a pattern with no particular top or bottom). I was able to just turn the case around, but the camera on the back is now covered up.


The other option, aside from discarding it altogether, was to have the case open backwards, with the open end on the left.


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I know what you mean by upside down case!  I ordered a new 8 HD from Amazon on Prime day. It arrived yesterday and I thought I could reuse my case from Fire 8 from last winter (and extra protective screen cover).  Yesterday I ordered a compatible case ($11) and screen protector from Amazon.  They'll be here tomorrow. Btw my old Fire works fine (this one charges faster, etc) and for $59, why not?

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It’s now November 9th.  Still waiting for delivery.  Don’t believe any coupons inserted with your items.  

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@Marynyc wrote:

I ordered my case for the Amazon Fire tablet (simple black cover) and as of September 24th the order has still not been shipped.  Why is QVC issuing coupons for this product if the vendor does not ship the order?

@Marynyc I'm surprised QVC is still in business with them. I bought an Amazon Fire tablet from QVC a few years back, it took forever to receive the case, the kicker is, it is a poor quality case, I ended up buying a case from Amazon.

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I ordered the white Amazon 10 inch tablet when it was a TSV about a month ago from HSN.  I ordered a purple case with gold flecks from the caseable company and received it in about 3 weeks time.  I had no problems whatsoever.