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Now when I type item numbers with a "dash" between the letter and the number, it tells me I spelled it wrong? Is this new to the website? You can't use the dash in the item number?



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For some reason I never remember using the dash.  Just the letter and number all together.

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No "bug."  Never use a dash.  Why would you?  The item # doesn't have one.

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Are you thinking of HSN?  QVC has never used a dash in item numbers, to my knowledge.

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I've never used a dash.  Simple solution to your "glitch", don't use it.

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In close to 30 years of QVC shopping I have never seen a dash used do not blame them for you error. 

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I don't understand your issue either @Pyrite2616 .   Why are you adding a dash in the item number when there isn't one?  

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Re: Website bug

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@VeneziaNo. I'm not thinking of HSN.

@kaydee50  Yes, every item number has a dash after the letter.

@I am still oxox  It is not my error. There has been a dash after the letter for every item number since November 24, 1986:



@Jk9I am not adding a dash that isn't there. I'm typing the item number exactly how it appears on the screen:








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@Pyrite2616 . You can even see in your screenshot that they corrected it for you without the dash.  

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Right now on air they have J-425055 as well a TSV with J435010.  😂😂😂


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