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Beth Please see that this complaint moves up your food chain please.  As you may have read in the Jai thread I still have not received my JAI purchases made a week ago this past Wednesday, August 22.  I am 241 miles from the NC fulfillment center.  Something needs to be done about this pathetic shipping.  UPS Innovations sends my stuff up to NJ and back again to my local USPS for delivery.  This approach has doubled at least my ship time.  I paid $10 for these two expensive items to be shipped and they are in one envelope pouch I am certain.  Will they be delivered tomorrow???  WTH knows.  IMG_5887.JPG

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I will ensure your feedback is sent to our logistics group. 

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I feel your pain Shawnie. I'm having a similar thing happening and I live close to the Rocky Mount Distribution Center. I wish they would go back to letting UPS bring to our door. I could go pick up faster than its being delivered. That would save on shipping it to me. Smiley Happy

It was supposed to have arrived today but looks like its gonna be way off. Well I've can say this day is a loss.



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