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Price Adjustment Policy. Which one is correct?

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Hi, I saw that an item was on a one time only price. Over $17.00 less than I paid. My item was just shipped but not billed yet. So I asked Customer service to please note it. So I would get the price adjustment.

Okay so item was billed. I asked for the price adjustment on customer chat. They gave me a lower price ajustment.. I told them that price was not correct and asked them how they came up with that number.

The Rep. told me that the price I originaly paid plus the tax plus the shipping then she took off the sales price.

I didn't agree. It should be the price minus the sales price. and adjust the sales tax


I was thankful that the first rep. had noted it. because. I did get the first price that was noted. Second Rep. told me that she would do it just this one time. and that I was misimformed...I didn't agree


So which is correct?

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Re: Price Adjustment Policy. Which one is correct?

@BostonMommy    Send your story to the mods at and ask them to look into your problem.  Include the order#.

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