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Price Adjustment Policy. Which one is correct?

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Hi, I saw that an item was on a one time only price. Over $17.00 less than I paid. My item was just shipped but not billed yet. So I asked Customer service to please note it. So I would get the price adjustment.

Okay so item was billed. I asked for the price adjustment on customer chat. They gave me a lower price ajustment.. I told them that price was not correct and asked them how they came up with that number.

The Rep. told me that the price I originaly paid plus the tax plus the shipping then she took off the sales price.

I didn't agree. It should be the price minus the sales price. and adjust the sales tax


I was thankful that the first rep. had noted it. because. I did get the first price that was noted. Second Rep. told me that she would do it just this one time. and that I was misimformed...I didn't agree


So which is correct?

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Re: Price Adjustment Policy. Which one is correct?

@BostonMommy    Send your story to the mods at and ask them to look into your problem.  Include the order#.

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Re: Price Adjustment Policy. Which one is correct?

This has happened to me too several times, they don't adjust

the sales tax with a price adjustment.  I have questioned this several times only to get the same answer. Only one time did I get a C.S. woman who understood to adjust the tax when refunding a price adjustment.   I told her to please pass this on,  so all C.S. reps. should know how to adjust our money


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Re: Price Adjustment Policy. Which one is correct?

I have that happen in most places when I'm using coupon codes.


They add up the regular price including tax, and then take off the discount from the total instead of discounting just the merchandise then adding tax.


I'm not sure, but it may be my state's requirements.