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I know this has been brought up several times before, but it continues to be a problem and very annoying.  When I go to Program Guide or Items Recently On Air, the time zone is often not the one where I am. And if I set it to the correct one, the setting doesn't stay, even in the same online session.  Please ask the IT department to fix this.  It should be an easy fix to add a setting in the customer's profile to set the time zone for every place it's needed.

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I agree totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is ridiculous.  Can't imagine why it can't be fixed.

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I agree. Happening for weeks. Very annoying.

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Re: Please fix time zone

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I set a bookmark for the guide and use that instead of the website menu to make sure it always reflects my time zone. If you want to do the same, just paste one of the links below into your browser's address bar, replace "eastern" with your time zone if needed, press enter to go to the guide, and then create a bookmark.


Daily Program Guide


Weekly Program Guide



ETA: You can also use this process to set a bookmark for Items Recently on Air:


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It's Groundhog Day here at QVC.


I have never even been in the Pacific Time Zone....except on this website.

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@loriqvc Yes, you are absolutely correct. I have many bookmarks and they are so much easier and quicker than actually going to a website then clicking this and that. 


Great advice. 

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I could have written your same post.

Almost a year ago, I messaged the QVC Social Team and they said they would fix it and it did for a few days but then went back to me traveling the country on QVC-pacific, central etc!


I do have a bookmark for the forums but I shouldn't have to make a bookmark for everything in QVC.


It's kind of ridiculous that they can't fix this.

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Maybe the IT dept is located in Ontario, CA where all the mixed up orders are originating from!

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Maybe the Q's IT department should check with HSN's IT on how to get it right. I never have that problem on the HSN website. It always remembers. Go Figure! Cat LOL

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The lack of consistency with time zones has been happening for over three years (since one of the last substantial site "upgrades"), so it doesn't seem like it's much of a priority to fix it. If you check the weekly program guide in a time zone other than ET, you'll often see errors there as well where some of the listings simply state, "TV Show on QVC," and that only started happening in the past year. The website has been full of gremlins and glitches for a long time...