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How frustrating is it to purchase a item as I did with the TSV fountain by Bernini M55730 for it to totally stop working before easypay has been completed. 

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There have always been so many complaints about the Bernini fountains not working at all or not working for very long. Hhhmmmm, I wonder why the Q still sells them.

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Sorry that happened. Even though it's been over 30 days I would call Q for a refund. It has not been that long since it was a TSV.

I have received a refund before on purchase that was past the 30 days. I'm glad now I did not buy one.

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Contact bernini.

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I am so sorry that happened. There is a one year limited manufactures warranty on the fountain. You can contact the manufacturer at 1-619-449-2392 or email them at

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You could also buy an inexpensive fountain pump at Lowe's or Home Depot and substitute it for the Bernini pump.  It won't be battery operated though.

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Contacted them. No reply....