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The thing is - these things do not make sense.  I have an order that I placed on May 10 that is still "In Process."  But an order that I placed on May 11 has already been delivered.


 I am assuming they are coming from the same warehouse, though I don't know that for sure.  We don't know how their fulfillment system operates.


Also, it could be that many warehouse workers came down with the virus.  That is the LAST thing they will tell their customers, as that would put a stop to a lot of people ordering, I imagine.  I am not in a hurry for anything, so I am not mad about it.  But it sure seems like they can't get their act together.

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C.S. I placed an order on May 2nd for a cuddle duds dress, as did a friend. She received hers a week ago, I don't believe it's a warehouse issue.
I get we are in this unprecedented times but why did my friend get hers and mine is still processing!
I had issues with another order, it is lost, c.s. sent another one, I did get it yesterday Thank you for that!
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I do believe things are shipped from different warehouses based on tracking.  But when you order 4 of the same Susan Graver tank in 4 differents colors, you'd think they would all ship from the same warehouse.  I've received 2 at 2 different times and STILL waiting on 2 more that I ordered on 5/2.  Go figure!