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Now I see the one that was In Process and then went to Backorder is now back to In Process.


I'm sure QVC is probably short-staffed right now with this crisis going on.

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I also have a few orders "in process" since May 1.  Received most of my orders placed after that date.  Still waiting.

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Re: In Process Delay

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Ok, this is getting ridiculous!  IF QVC is going to sell merchandise, they need to give better notification of when something is going to ship.  Don't say Expected Delivery 5/14 when it is still In Process after 2 weeks!  Out of the 4 tanks I ordered, 1 has finallly shipped.  We should receive FREE shipping if something can't be shipped as originally stated!  Yes, I understand businesses are cutting back, but don't say to expect something when you know you can't meet that expectation.

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I have a few things still processing.  One of them finally showed shipped on 5/15 when I clicked on the tracking it said it was out for delivery and I received it the 16th.  

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Well, 2 out of 4 tanks that I ordered the same day have finally shipped after 16 days of being In Process.  I see other orders that I've been waiting for and besides having to wait for the In Process with QVC, they will end up sitting at a post office or UPS facility for 4 or 5 days before before moving.  For as much as we have to pay for shipping, you'd think we would get better on time delivery service.  I guess I shouldn't be complaining cause everybody is pretty much in the same boat.  But sometimes a girl just needs to vent.  LOL

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I also have an order from 5/02 showing "IN PROCESS" with a delivery date of 5/14.  I have contacted CS and was given the same explanation.  But since then, I have placed orders and have received them.  I even placed an order on Sunday and it has already shipped.  And, the item I ordered on 5/2 has been marked down.  Apparently, nobody has received the item since there are no reviews.  I am fully aware of delays due to COVID-19 but this is not acceptable.

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You know, I think QVC should wave all shipping fees when orders cannot be shipped in a reasonable amount of time!  

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Yes.  I've been notified 2x that my Graver order of 5/11 is now 5/26. I received my Vionic in 5 days. 1 linea top is shipped, the other has not left the starting gate.  No reason behind this.  I would be more understanding if they were on target before this pandemic. They should allow canceling if it is still in process.  Some things are now wait list that I ordered. Not acceptable.  My fault for ordering 

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This is the new normal right now. I too have orders that have been in process for a while however I expected this, they state that there will be delays. I suggest not ordering or have patience you will eventually get it. When I order I know this is happening because of other orders I have placed. I am in no rush and I do get the items. Why complain about it. If you need the items in a specific time don't order. They are doing the best they can under the circumstances and a lot of other companies have delayed shipping also. Hopefully soon this will end but for now have patience.☺️

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now I have heard it all!!! 



"As Is"  on backorder..................  lol.