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Re: I received someone else's order. :-(.

Nestlee:  Since this mix up doesn't happen very often, and since the item is already sold out, and since it is Christmas and this is probably a gift, I would just go ahead and mail the package to the customer together with a nice note.  You will feel really good, and I am sure you will be making someone very happy. 

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Re: I received someone else's order. :-(.

I would do the same as Fona.  That is the only sensible thing to do as a good samaritan and it would make you feel good that you did a good deed at Christmas time.

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Re: I received someone else's order. :-(.

Thanks all--  if all fails I will make a post office run tomorrow and pay for it myself. Merry Christmas everyone!!🎄

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Re: I received someone else's order. :-(.

@Nestlee wrote:

I received a package from QVC with my name and address on the shipping label but when I opened it was not my order. The receipt inside has another person's name and address on it. I looked up the item that was in the bag ( a Cowboy's hoodie) and it is completely sold out so the person who ordered it will not be able to get it replaced. Is there any way at all to get this package to the person who ordered it?  I called CS about it but he said they really don't have a solution to this kind of problem.  

I know I can spend my own money to ship it to her but I was hoping there would be some kind of prepaid shipping label that could be e-mailed to me. I know I am grasping for straws here but hope someone from QVC has a solution. 

@Nestlee I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. Please e-mail me your account information to and I will will be happy to help. 

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Re: I received someone else's order. :-(.

I am so sorry this has continues to re-occur time and again, to so many other QVC Members through the years.


This happened to me as well a while back, and shortly thereafter I became a victim of identity theft.


No I cannot swear the identity theft occured because of this QVC Dangerous Security Breach enacted against me, and by QVC allowing my personal QVC information to be delivered by shipping carrier with their product into the wrong hands of another QVC Member, but then again I can't swear that QVC's security breach was not the real reason I suffered ID theft shortly therafter.


What I do know is a truly reputable Company who has integrity and takes pride in their organization, and maintains an impeccable reputation plugs all their security breaches as soon as the first one is reported to them, before their security breaches become numeorus and place at risk their Member Consumer Database!!!


This is a dangerous security breach, and QVC is aware of that security breach issue which reoccurs, and has been aware of that for many years!


Since this keeps re-occurring, and I don't buy QVC stating they cannot do anything to correct their own security breach problems.....Sure they can, but they choose to let it continue and place their QVC Member database in jeopardy.


On the other hand if QVC is so inept and really cannot, immediately address and resolve all their QVC Security leaks, breaches, and dilemmas, then QVC needs to spend $ and hire a professional U.S.A  based English speaking security team and pay them well, so they can address and resolve this dangerous QVC Security Breach reocurring problem!!!


When our personal information ends up in some other QVC Member's hands, and probably their information is delivered with their product to another QVC Member that is a definite problem which can and does lead to ID theft.


Blaming this on the Holiday Season is a cop out, and has absolutely nothing to do with lack of QVC proper  security enactments in place, so this security breach dileema does not keep re-occuring at all times of the year, and not only during holiday time.


I would welcome contact from that QVC Member who received my personal information, and I would sure like to be made aware of that "Dangerous QVC Security Breach....especially when I expect QVC to not only stand for Quality, Value, & Convenience, but I also expect them to respect me, respect and safeguard all of my personal information and since this continues to re-occur they really need to hire and pay  U.S.A. based English speaking Security Professionals...... who can and will address and resolve this type of QVC reoccuring dangerous security breach dilemma, which QVC evidently turns a deaf ear..... and blind eye to.




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Re: I received someone else's order. :-(.

@sharkky wrote:

@Nestlee wrote:

Haha Sharke!  Last month I ordered 4 children's Frozen necklaces  but received 2 of those and 2 sets of gold hoop earrings. Well I sent them back like a good little girl. Lol. 

Not me, it's the law if you receive something U didn't order you can keep it



Finders keepers !!!!!!!!!!!

About 15 years ago I ordered a coat from Dillards.  A week later a HUGE box was on my doorstep.  Inside the box was my coat along with a very nice high quality queen size comforter that had a 500 dollar price tag on it.  The invoice only listed the coat.  So I called CS and said something extra was in my box.  Lady said it would be too much time and effort on my part to try and mail it back and to just keep it since it was their mistake.  I still have the comforter on my guest bed all these years later and it looks still brand new.  That was the best mistake that ever happend to me.

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Re: I received someone else's order. :-(.

If she wants it bad enough, she could drive the 2 hours to a safe location of your choosing.



@Nestlee wrote:

Circles, the lady lives in my state but I looked it up on a map and it is over 2 hours away. :-(


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Re: I received someone else's order. :-(.

QVC,HSN,AMAZON, UPS,  are all having shipping issues this year. That why B/M is my shopping choice. While I did ordered a few items for myself  by express mail on   Nov 30, 2016, that was a big mistake , too many shipping issues.  I started Christmas shopping in early October, finished by Middle on November. All gifts have been wrapped, some have been given out. TJmaxx,Ross,Dillards,Homegoods.From handbags,to jewelry, home items, gifts cards. The deals I  got beats QVC,HSN hands down. Besides  even with UPS choice  getting your package delivery on time or even the correct package this time of year is a  hit or miss.

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Re: I received someone else's order. :-(.

I had that kind of thing happen, years ago, with another retailer.  They wouldn't do anything about it.


So, I just packed it up with a note inside and shipped it to that person.