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@GenXmuse wrote:

Good for you! That's really the only thing businesses will pay attention to in the end. There are a good number of us that don't shop here for various reasons. 

I agree with you @GenXmuse   I commend anyone that doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk. Every sale matters. These two posters represent many more out there. QVC along with any business react if they see the numbers shift. They will listen.


I’m not talking about Carolyn and Dan. Unfortunately hosts come and go. I am talking about spending.

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@Nancy Drew wrote:

@Thumperlena wrote:

Since the release of Carolyn and Dan I'm going to put my money elsewhere. I will finish up my easy pays and cancel my upcoming orders. 

@Thumperlena  I am leaving also. Carolyn and Dan were the last straw. JaneTreacy and her antics didn't help. I can get everything QVC offers elsewhere. I am also leaving the boards. The rude posters are no longer of interest to me. Noticed all the snotty comments when all you did was let QVC know why you were leaving. My last post and it feels good. 

I am sorry to see you go.  @Nancy Drew Please reconsider. Don’t let the nasties chase you away. Just ignore them.   

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@Irmasdc wrote:



I'm sure a lot of the members in this forum have said what you posted, or whispered to themselves about the possibility of leaving the Q. They just didn't post it bc these playground bullies (yep, I said it) in here might one day be a little too much. Online bullying is real & unfortunately has had detrimental effects on some people. 

Being told no one will miss you is disgusting. One posted she doesn't even order anymore yet she's still here?! They find someone's complaint or basically anything depending on the day as a means to bash you, me & the next yada yada. 

If you post you really like something & you give your opinion they tell you no one cares.

If you post you do not like something & give your opinion they say something stupid like "you must think qvc sells everything based on your taste, go away".


you cannot win with these (      ) and they're always here! 🤣 get out of the house


OP, I hope you stick around

That is why you ignore them. @Irmasdc  Don’t let anyone get in your head. You don’t need permission or approval from any poster on this board to post. They are bullies.


But, keep in mind a bully is just a coward turned inside out.

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@Nancy Drew 


I hope you do not leave.  I enjoy your posts.


Maybe just take a little break, and then reconsider.  I take breaks from time to time.

“People do, I don’t.”
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I always wondered why they kept Carolyn on when they got rid of a slew of hosts a couple years back. They are getting rid of the oldsters who have been there forever, think of what they are paying them, they can fire them and hire two people for the same salary. Can you imagine what Mary Beth Roe's salary is after working there for 33 years?

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This is not a case of your friends being fired. This is a case of a company doing business which involves layoffs. Businesses do it all the time. Popular as these hosts were to you, they are actually costing Q quite a bit of money in their saleries, insurance, vacation, etc. That is why they were laid off.


I for the life of me can't understand the attachment so many people here have for hosts on a TV shopping channel. I have been here since the beginning and I take it for what it is - A shopping channel - plain and simple.


I don't dwell on who quit, got fired or layed off. They are just people on tv. I have never met them IRL and they are not my friends.


And heaven forbid someone takes a vacation - it sends these boards into a frenzy asking where said person is.


If you are leaving because of two people being layed-off, have you thought of the other 398 that are gone too. Where are your thoughts on those people. Do you think they got the severence pkg that Carolyn & Dan received?

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I stopped purchasing from QVC in November of last year due to poor quality and poorer CS and shipping.  Had nothing to do with hosts.

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I really don't think anyone needs to "worry" about Carolyn and Dan.  They are both probably better off financially than most of us.  They weren't worried about selling people ****** they couldn't afford.