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I'm staying.  I was never a fan of the D&Co. brand. 


I'm sure they're feeling the sting of the regular D&C customers who may be boycotting Denim & Co. right now, but this too will pass. 
I wonder how their TSV did the other day? 

As for Dan? What did he sell? Probably no sting there.

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@GenXmuse wrote:

Good for you! That's really the only thing businesses will pay attention to in the end. There are a good number of us that don't shop here for various reasons. 

But you and others are still happy to continue to use the forums funded by QVC?


I wasn't happy to see Dan and Carolyn let go or the way it appears to have been done, but I will still buy things I want from QVC.  I don't see the point of trying to tank the business and put everyone out of work.


Come the day I decide I no longer want to shop here, I won't feel the need to announce it.  But that's just me.

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Many of us felt the same way. Now after two weeks of cooling down, I decided not to hurt myself and do without something I want to buy. I enjoy shopping here and have for 33 years. Why stop now. I like Carolyn and wish her the best. 

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I like Carolyn a lot but have neutral feelings towards Dan. 


That said, big business is usually not a nice place.  Years ago one would get a gold watch and a party for retirement.  Today one never knows after many years of service if one will get shown the door before you're ready. 


My own DH had to take a year off because he became disabled.  He was able to return for another year but then the company was bought by another large company and he was suddenly shown the door.  It was not pleasant.  They let him gather his things and was escorted outside.


They told him that they didn't have more funds for the project he was working on....I personally felt it was a combination of his being too expensive for them (he was almost 60) and his disability.  He was able to get them to give him a bigger severance package after hiring an attorney.


This is how business works today.....most businesses.  It's not unique to the Q.







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Unfortunately businesses do this sort of thing all the time.  But a person needs to do what they feel is best for them and what they believe.  


I cut way back since the holidays and number one reason prices are climbing all over so I am shopping for the best deals and watching what I spend my money on.  I only need so much.  My focus right now is fixing things around the house before I retire.  Have some things lined up for when the weather breaks.  Keeping me busy.

I am disappointed in the choices the Q has made recently.  Just can't see it.

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@GenXmuse wrote:

Good for you! That's really the only thing businesses will pay attention to in the end. There are a good number of us that don't shop here for various reasons. 

If people would buy more, QVC wouldn't be losing money and  wouldn't have to lay their employees off.


If shoppers refuse to buy because employees are laid off, QVC will lose even more money and lay off even more employees.


Soon, the business will go bankrupt and all employees will lose their jobs.


If you can go look at QVC's loses, you will notice that they are bleeding out.  Their bottom line is not good.


My prediction is that all the hosts will be let go and they will only offer online shopping.  No TV demos at all.

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I guess we all have our ways of dealing with frustration, revenge and just plain disgust. 


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It's a business, they are trying to run. Carolyn and Dan  aren't personal friends of us, the viewers. 
Of course the older, and usually highest paid employees are the most vulnerable to these business decisions/ layoffs-  I don't like it either, but will still continue to shop as needed... Best wishes to you. 

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Bye Bye

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See ya !

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