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Many people can only afford 6 easy payments. Here lately there are none offered and also very little free shipping. I ve been shopping at qvc for a very long time but can no longer afford to. Any comments on how to get the message to admin.?

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I don't know what one person can do.  Others are shopping just fine with zero easy pays.  Have you tried clearance, as is, and lunchtime/primetime specials?  (That's what I do.)

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I think if you have a Q card they are offering more easy pays. I know yesterday they offered 6 days pays with the Q card. I know HSN gives you a choice on how many easy pays you want. Also, if you have their card they offer more easy pays.


These are the only solutions I can offer. Hopefully, they will be offering more easy pays and free shipping in the future.

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They usually save 6 Easy Pays for special events like Fashion Day, Gold Day, etc.

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Nothing offered at QVC is a necessity - if one can't afford to buy it, then one shouldn't.


Sorry to be the voice of reason - but I do not puchase if I don't have the funds at hand.



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If you have a Q card, they are offering 6 easy pays all month. You might want to apply for a Q card.Smiley Happy

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is argumentative

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I agree, especially with the Jewelry shows! And fashion shows too I I LOVE 6 easy pays!!
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That's an excellent idea! Let us choose the number of easy pays we want...from none to 6!
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@ib022352 - Welcome to the forums! I'd say just keep watching—there have been quite a few events lately with five or six Easy Pays being offered on all items, especially during the weekends. And virtually everything on the website has at least a couple of Easy Pays available; that is one of the benefits being promoted by the Q as they know more people are having to stay home and watch their budgets. Happy shopping...