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It is very easy to walk away from where I am uncomfortable and feel unwelcomed. It doesn't hurt me in any way. Want nothing to do with whatever has been going on with some of these threads where they're confrontations going on. There was a time when that went on on a daily basis. Thank goodness it doesn't happen that often any more. But then too, I don't post on a lot of the threads today either.

And right now, I don't need nor want any extra stress in my life.

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Hi Foggy!! {#emotions_dlg.wub}

I try to be civil, but I feel like I talk to myself a lot. It's easier to walk away, I can't take this place too seriously. I may add a few comments to the subject, but I don't have the stamina to pound it into the ground.

Hope you are all doing well. Kiss

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It depends on the situation. I frequently state what I feel and then walk away. One thing I refuse to do is become involved in a snark fest or trading insults. And sometimes you know that's going to happen. I don't come back and check in case I'm tempted to lash back again. This forum is certainly not worth a hike in blood pressure.

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walk's been on my mind lately

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I've walked (in a laughingly way) when folks kept saying that I was someone else........{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes} p.s. I've learned so much, reading these threads. Often times changing my original point of view. My gosh, where else would we be able exchange info and views with folks all across the country? It really is amazing.

'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).
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I should have said I USUALLY walk away when a discussion becomes circular. I did get s*cked in on the ebola subject. I should have walked away and knew it, but...I didn't. We miss you around here. I hope you and your family are well.

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I'm it easier to just walk away.

I hate pot stirrer's and flame throwers. But sometimes you just can't help it...

and respond back.

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invisibility is my refuge. sort of wraith-like.

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I don't think I have ever "stirred the pot", certainly not intentionally. Besides by the time I see one of the controversial threads, my opinion has usually been expressed by others and I don't feel as though I have anything to add to the conversation. I almost always read all the responses if I open a thread because they are interesting and there are several posters from whom I often learn something.
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For me it depends on just how important I feel a topic is. If I have very strong opinions or I feel it is something that is or should be of great concern to society in general, I will stay in and 'fight my battle' so to speak.

The ones I tend to really get involved in are where you have people piling on the opposite view point by degrading the intelligence or even the right of others to think some way different than they do. The threads where a few try to bully anyone who disagrees with their opinion. Those I just don't pass by, but stand my ground. And those usually have to do with a difference of opinion on health matters, shall we say, or people's rights.