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Sometimes I feel like this over here: or this:

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No/ No/No /No/Yes and no, to thd question in your last sentence.
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On 2/25/2015 ROMARY 1 said:

I've walked (in a laughingly way) when folks kept saying that I was someone else........{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes} p.s. I've learned so much, reading these threads. Often times changing my original point of view. My gosh, where else would we be able exchange info and views with folks all across the country? It really is amazing.

Really(?), I can not say anyone has really ever changed my least when it comes to politics...maybe some personal issues.


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I've never started a controversial thread.

I post from my hip and I post from my heart.

I am never part of pile ons, can't stand the lap dancing that goes on, not part of a clique. I'm just me.

I'm only passionate about one particular topic that comes up every so often (and will during the elections). Every thing else, I don't really have 'a side'.

I'll probably be banned because my point of view, ultimately. Can't keep my mouth shut.

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Hi foggy, Smiley Happy

So good to see you!! Smiley Happy My best to you and your family.

To answer your question....depends on my mood. Most days, I just walk away from the insanity here. Other days...........................{#emotions_dlg.devil2}

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Sometimes I state my case, sometimes, yes, it's become easier to walk away. It depends on the issue and whether or not I feel strongly about it and feel my thoughts are cogent.

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I don't get involved in as many topics as I once did. It seems like when I do...someone comes along and twists what I had to say.

Then...I come back and re-state what I actually did say. It gets tiresome, and I have better things to do with my time.

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I walk away most times. I've found most people in here are pretty set in their ways of thinking - I am too - and not likely to be convinced of another point-of-view. So it's really less wear and tear on the underwear to walk away or just read.

If someone presents a really illogical, irrational and/or asinine postion it's really hard to walk away.

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On 2/25/2015 JustJazzmom said:

Sometimes I feel like this over here: or this:

Hi Jazzy, I used to feel like banging my hair and pulling my hair out too, but now I'm not involved much on Viewpoints. I read occasionally but seldom respond here. It's just not worth it.

I'd rather be on the book board and other boards that interest me where there are no arguments.

As another poster said, she doesn't need any extra stress in her life, and I don't either.

Hi Foggy!! How is Mr. Foggy and the little Foggettes? I bet they're turning into Fogsters already! Nice to see you!

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It depends on my mood and how deep the snark already is by the time I open a thread.