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Re: the dollar store??

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I haven't been in a Family Dollar for decades, and one trip to Dollar General was enough to tell me Dollar Tree was the one for me!


I looove 😍Heart Dollar Tree Heart!!


I buy all my batteries there.

Their seasonal solar powered 'pumpkinhead' figure dances all day on my windowsill.


The Ginger Snaps are very good, and recently they had Lemon Snaps.



Every year I buy floor mats for the car at Dollar Tree, then just throw them away after Winter slop is over.


I use their 'sensitive' toothpaste, bungee cords, bandages & alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, and cat nail clipper.


I'm on my third year using the same pair of $1. garden gloves. And I work these gloves hard!


I buy marking pens, boxes of security envelopes, sharp scissors, and spatulas, sink mats and kitchen gadgets.


Buckets & scrub-sponges, pickles, keyboard stylus, nitelight, and hair bandana to protect my curls overnight. 


Was looking for just about a dollar's worth of sugar. Same for other things, where I don't want a larger package because most of it will just sit on my shelf.


At this point I buy stuff in just about every section of the Dollar Store. 

The condition of the stores varies depending on both staff and the customers who frequent that store.


When I shop at the Dollar Tree in a wealthy community, the multi-millionaires are buying their birthday cards, bobby pins and batteries there.

My heck'uv-a-wreck car stands out in that parking lot. lol!!



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I buy gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue paper and cards there. No consumables for my family including my pets..


No toys, dishes, dog toys, etc.


so, not very much I guess.  

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@Hedge  Oh yes.... But forgot to mention  about the great deals on batteries! 

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I forgot to mention my beloved Bugles, DT is about the only place that I can find them.

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These are my favorite glasses. I buy them at the dollar store for $1. 

download (1).jpg

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the candy there is a good buy too.  i tend to avoid the knick knack tyoe stuff ecause i have too much of that already.  but you can spend or overspend if you ae not careful

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I buy paper products like paper plates, cards, gift wrap, tissue paper, celophane bags for my cookies and candy and party decorations.


I purchase small waste brackets,they last for years, also platters and dishes to leave behind when I am taking food to a pot luck...Pens, pencils, coloring books and construction paper, glue, stickers, glitter and stuff for kids to do crafts.  I have a few reed baskets that have held up fine.


i buy packages of tooth brushes and combs and brushes for guests who stay with us.


i do not buy food, cosmetics or meds there.

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@Respectlife............Wow thats interesting, thanks for the info.


The Clover Valley Brand at Dollar General is labled Goodlettsville, TN.  I hope that means its prepared here in the US.

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@Respectlife had some good tips. I like buying bowl cleaner and paper products but rarely buy consumables.


As @SeaMaiden said, those stores are often all low income people use and they serve a need in many communities.

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I love my Dollar Store! Cards, Kleenex, tin foil, containers, bleach, some kitchen gadgets, canning jars, etc. I go 2 to 3 times a month, You just cant beat their prices.

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