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@hollysunshine wrote:

Coupla things: It is aluminum foil not tin. This is to Celtic Crafter.

If these products,etc do not pass FDA compliance how do they get on various store shelves?

At one time I did FDA testing on certain products and FDA was really "fussy" and if did not pass would not be sold ANYWHERE.

Excuse me?  I was refering to bleach not tin foil or aluminum foil and I'm pretty sure every one over a certain age knows when it's referred to as tin foil they know what people are talking about... 

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@QualityGal wrote:

have you found any little helps there??? i keep hearing that come up.  depends on good vs. not so good.  any experiences?

I always find lovely greeting cards and they are much more reasonably priced that anywhere else.  I also purchase my gift bags and wrapping paper, office supplies (tape, pens, mail packaging supplies).  Thinking about it, our store is a Dollar General.  

They always seem to have seasonal containers for food gifts as well.   

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@Imaoldhippie wrote:

I am a Dollar General fan.  I buy my canned products, pastas, cleaning supplies, paper products, greeting cards, trashbags, etc there.  I buy their brand Clover Valley.  I find it just as good if not better than some name brands.  I do buy my laundry and dish washing supplies by the brand, Tide and Dawn and Hefty trash bags.  I get my OTC pain pills, vitamins, etc there also.



Me too!!!  I love our Dollar General. They have the best cherries I've ever tasted - Clover Valley in the jar.  I haven't found original Moon Pies anywhere else. We grew up eating Moon Pies Smiley LOL

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@Sooner, I suspect the post about FDA inspection of imports is misleading to those who don't frequent Dollar Tree. You may get the mistaken impression it's a store that specializes in imported products.


Most of what I buy there is manufactured or grown, processed, & packaged in the USA.


But (you'll like this) consider it a great way to buy 'just enough'. 


No matter how good that price was on a bigger size:


👉I don't want boxes of envelopes that yellow with age before I can use them up.

(been there/done that)

👉I don't want a 5lb bag of sugar on the shelf when a little 2lb box will last me years.

👉When I'm tackling a really messy/germy job, I might want a mop I can throw away without feeling wasteful.

👉A $1. bag of New York bagle chips both keeps me happy and prevents over-indulging on a regular sized bag.


There are items thruout Dollar Tree that gives you a built in portion control, and helps not acquire things that need long term storage space.


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Went to Dollar Tree today.  Here is what I found today all at $1:


full size bags of Sneiders pretzels (buttercrisps, pretzel rods, pretzel minis)

various varieties of Progresso soup

32 oz. cartons of Progresso low sodium beef or chicken broth

Sprouts organic tomato bisque

Keebler Club crackers full size box

Keebler pecan sandies full size

varieties of Pepperridge Farm bread


Exact same products that Kroger or WalMart carries at much higher prices


Love Dollar Tree

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I shop Dollar Tree, baking soda & white vinegar pout it down our drains to clean, toothbrushes for cleaning, found a very small cutting board so good if you are just cutting an onion, lemon or tomato, cards and I turn the card backwards so cashier just has to scan the bar code (easier for them) noticed on the back said Hallmark. Don't think all the cards are Hallmark but got one. Wrapping paper is good but don't get any with sparkles, I had sparkles all over the table & on myself.(mess) LOL. Drinking glasses  & coffee mugs too.Plastic shower curtains are great for painting or messy projects. Yes, there are some things that consumer reports say stay away from. If you go on the Dollar Tree web site they have some craft projects but I am not crafty. 


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@SeaMaiden wrote:

@Hedge  Oh yes.... But forgot to mention  about the great deals on batteries! 

Oh yes!


This is where we get our batteries now.


We save so much money this way for all of our little gadgets that need AA and AAA and C batteries, especially. 


We have Dollar General, Family Dollar and the Dollar Tree stores in our area.


We especially like going to the Dollar Tree store, and have found that some are stocked better than other stores. 


We have our favorite stores that we like to go to when we're visiting certain areas. We can be pretty certain that those stores will be clean and well-stocked when we go there, and that they will have what we're looking for when we need it.


I tend to buy regular stock-up items when I go in there.


I like to buy the housewares items and microwave containers and small bakeware pans.


They're nice quality, and I can also use the smaller baking pans in our counter top convection oven, too. 


I like to buy my office supplies when I go there, such as pens and pencils and gel pens and paper and mailing envelopes and supplies.


I also like to get puzzle books there, and adult coloring books there along with colored pencils, too.


I'll buy health and beauty items there too, if I need something. I'll get lotion and shampoo there, and band-aids, too. We also buy anything OTC there that we need, like aspirin for my DH and ibuprofen for me. 


I'll also buy the foods that are sold there, like candy and snacks and foods from the frozen section and refrigerated section. Mostly what we find is name-brand items. 


I've also bought hair accessories there, and have found them to be nice quality. I have longer hair, so I'm always looking for headbands and ponytail holders. 



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The dollar stores are great.  I am especially fond of the Dollar Tree which is still all about products which are actually $1.00!  I find that some of the other dollar places -- Family Dollar and Dollar General, etc. --- you need to watch the prices --- as some of the items are not really all that cheap!!!  Some times you find better prices at places such as Big Lots, Target, Walmart, etc.  I shop all over the place and am constantly looking for deals. Cheapest is not always the greatest -- but it sure helps to save a dollar here and there!  I think for cards, and gift bags, etc., it's fine to get them cheaper.  

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