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Re: store closing in my area

justbee, the photo of carson’s Brought back many memories. That store was very elite way back when

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Re: store closing in my area

@just bee wrote:


...We used to go to Carson Pirie Scott when I was a kid in Chicago.  Loved that store.  We'd have lunch at The Tartan Tray.




@just bee    thank you. Timeless picture. Priceless memories.


That building with the iron grillwork - well nothing compares to it. At least it's been preserved.

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Re: store closing in my area

When you take time to think about all the department stores you grew up with that are now extinct...


It's sad.


Remember Goldblatt's?  Wieboldt's?  Shopper's World?  Remember Aldens catalog?


In California there was The Akron, Daly's, Gemco, Liberty House, Mervyn's, White Front, The Emporium... so many more.


The neighborhood "variety" stores where you got all your school supplies.  All gone.

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