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Fast-moving zombies is a horrifying thought!  Smiley Happy

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Give me flesh-eating zombies over the mindless Kardashians any day.


I LOVE the Walking Dead and am digging Fear the Walking Dead. These shows are much more than zombie shows. I was not a "zombie kind of girl" until my brother made me watch TWD over Christmas break once. I became hooked. The writing on TWD is amazing. You become invested in the characters. I still miss Hershel and Tyreese.


And the zombies on TWD don't really want to kill. All they want is to eat.


I had to stop watching Criminal Minds, formerly my favorite show, because one of the storlyines just grossed/freaked me out so much that I couldn't handle watching it anymore. What's scary is that there are people out there who do those things depicted in CM and the like. We don't have to worry about zombies roaming the earth at the moment.



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One movie that I loved by Rob Zombie that actually was about zombies but more suspensful was "Pontypool" and I would recommend it as an alternative to total gore or nasty looking mosters. 

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@icezeus wrote:



I did not know there was a book out called World War Z. I am going to have to purchase. I saw the movie and I enjoyed it. 


If I remembered correctly those Zombies were scarier because they moved quickly.


I saw all of the previews and felt like they took the name Wold War Z and stuck it on a completely different movie. I knew that as soon as I saw they cast Brad Pitt as the UN guy. In the book, the UN employee is interviewing different people about the zombie war years after the war. His own story is NEVER told and he says only a few sentences while he's getting some of the interview subjects started. When they cast Brad Pitt in the role of a character with 10 lines, I knew the movie was going to be an entirely new thing.


The book is told in a series of interviews and the complete title is World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. This is a direct reference to the Studs Terkel book The Good War: An Oral History of WW II. Terkel is famous for his books interviewing ordinary Americans and World War Z is written in that same style. The social commentary is incredible and he also writes some super scary zombie parts, too. Parts are maddening, parts are scary, and parts are haunting. There are scenes I will remember forever - some with zombies and some just because of the people.


There are two abridged (boo! hiss!) audio versions. Both are narrated by an entire cast. The second version, the longer movie tie-in version, is twice as long as the first abridged version and has a very large cast, including: Max Brooks (author), Alan Alda, Nathan Fillion, Carl Reiner, Rob Reiner, Simon Pegg, David Ogden Stiers, Mark Hamill, Masai Oka, Bruce Boxleitner, Martin Scorsese, Jeri Ryan, Alfred Molina, F. Murray Abraham, Rene Auberjonois, and more. Max Brooks, the author who has named the UN interviewer after himself, is the son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft. When he writes a great story and then calls, Hollywood comes running.


Zombies in the book are not fast. (They took that from 28 Days Later) 


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Another show that I am addicted to. I love Criminal Minds. The show is on several stations (Ion) being one, for hours at a time. These are repeats of course, but  I will flip over in a minute if I do not feel like watching regular TV or one of my recorded shows.


I actually watched two episodes last night that were pretty good that I had not seen before. I like the shows with the character "Prentis" in them.  I have not been as loyal to the past two seasons as I have been to the older shows.