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@fourpaws56 wrote:

to make people smile with my pics



@fourpaws56, I miss your snarling dog and wide-eyed cat pics!!!

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I enjoy discussion regarding fashion and style, exchange of information and ideas. Also things related to foods, home decor, and family. 

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I post here because I've found that I learn a lot from those who have views different from mine (and there are a lot of them!) and I enjoy reading the threads.


Using web searches is useful but not always as interesting or informative as reading the forum reviews and opinions.

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Someoe asked (sorry frgot your name) abot te ingreedient I mentioned - it was mirepoix


Someone also mentioned why do I post as an answer to my same quetston.  I don't know what the intent there was - humor, interest, smart aleck, etc.  While I answered, I did not give the last reason and now is the time for it.  I am fairly new to  this forum  and it did not take long for me to realize there are undercurrents, inside jokes, and baiting going on.  Finally I was baited.  I sent the person a heart to show that I did not want to go on with the bait.  But, I am not sure if it has worked.  So another reason for this post was to see if I could flush out a possible posse or baiters. Now to watch posts to see what is going on.  I love puzzles.


I cannot thank the poster who wants me to have a fantasy life enough. I am so glad I gave you a heart for your first post - mine was obnoxious and you called me out on it. It has been fun coming up with a fantasy - never had before. Boy was I missing such fun.  I want to be thin, beautiful, healthy, young and rich rich rich.  Clearly I am not any one of those.  But I can dream; I now have permission to play............. 

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~~~ I call dibs on the popcorn concession!! ~~~
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I post for fun!



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I guess I feel the need to be ignored .  Woman Sad

Woman Indifferent

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I post for fun. I also post to offer advice if the poster has a question that I have experience with or an opinion to share.    I am most interested in the fashion, beauty, and chat forums, but I have posted in others. I have started a few threads too. 

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I have gotten some great recipes from some talented posters!!!

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Why do i post? Out of boredom. If I still worked I can honestly say I wouldn't be on the Internet at all. But since my spine issues I can't go gun ho cleaning, running around, and such like I did long ago, so I am on here mostly when my husband is at work or in bed early. (I am a late nighter).


I like these boards because yes, I believe there are some informative people on here. I have gotten tips on things from fashion, to products Q sells, to foods, to health issues, and yes even some news I had not seen yet.

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