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You mention that the husband has been very helpful to you during the year and they sound like great people, wonderful neighbors are such a blessing. If it's not a hardship for you I would continue giving them a gift but maybe just a small gift card and the kids can pick what they want. I know kids enjoy that. Of course I would stop when they are much older but it's such a nice gesture as they sound very kind to you.Just my opinion.  

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@LizzieInSRQ wrote:

I used to spend 50-80 dollars on gifts for my grand nephew and grand niece. Last year i had a job change. They are 7 and 9. I sent a card with a 20 dollar bill for their birthdays.The LOVED having their owm money. They dont know previous gifts cost 3 times more.  Cash wowed them. I remember that feeling when i was a kid. 


I gave a family gift for Christmas.


Indeed!  My ten year old loves receiving money.  She prefers a $20 bill over a $100 gift.  She doesn't know the value of gifts and she has everything any kid could ever want.  She likes cash that she keeps in her "treasure box" that she hides on in her closet.  She loves Walmart and Amazon and her mom lets her buy little things from her savings.  She also has to do her own Christmas shopping with her savings.  


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If you can't afford to continue, don't continue. If you don't want to continue, don't continue. Or pick 1 holiday this year and none next year. 

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We used to buy gifts for many of the people and their kids that my husband worked with.  It was getting out of control.  I suggested that instead of us giving gifts to each other, why not "adopt" a family in need and buy their holiday dinner and some gifts.  Well, that didn't go over well.  You could hear a pin drop.  My friend comes from a very large family and they would draw names from a hat.  How about buying one gift, not too big or expensive for the entire family?  I  always keep a big box of cookies or candy from Costco in my house just in case.  

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@Biftu   You said that the father of the girls had always been helpful to you and includes you along with their friends and neighbors when they have events. You give him a large check at Christmas as a thank you for his help. Unless this is a financial hardship for you I would not stop with the gifts. In this day and age having helpful neighbors with whom you have a warm relationship is priceless especially as we age. A card with $10 or $20 once a year would be nice and girls that age can always find something to spend it on or to save it towards a larger purchase. 

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I would suggest something for the whole family just at Christmas time.  Better yet, don't start such a tradition in the first place because they are difficult to end.  But I do believe most people "get it" and won't be offended by a change or a stop.  If they do mind, then I question their value as a true friend.