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People who don't move when they step off an escalator, a group of us almost got wiped out last night because some woman with a kid stepped off and stopped. Just ducky.

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@deepwaterdotter wrote:

My physical limitations as I grow older.

I agree with this 100%. Things that used to do that I took for granted I either can't do any more or it's a lot harder to do them.


Another thing that frustrates me is when people don't listen to what I have to say. I' ll be asked something & have to repeat what I say multiple times because the person who asked me the question isn't paying attention to what I'm saying. If you don't want to listen to what I have to say, don't waste my time asking me anything.

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Right now I'm frustrated because I am sick with a fever and have decided to stay home from my parents Thanksgiving dinner...not worth taking the chance of passing this along to anyone. I'm sad, actually.

I hope all of you have a nice Thanksgiving.

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Not having the stamina I once had

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I get frustrated when signs are posted not to use a smart phone in a medical setting or nice restaurant. I put mine on vibrate and let it go to voicemail.


There are times you may have to check it. I really find only only a couple of things that are important enough to step away from people to return a call. A death, an accident and a relative is admitted to a hospital. Of course if you have children, you would always want to return their call.


I guess my Dr. visit Monday really got to me. Tones going off, people laughing, talking loudly. 


Sorry if I offended anyone, that wasn't my intention.


Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.

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Re: What frustrates you?

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What frustrates me are people who make decisions based on gut emotions rather than on facts or verified and valid information. 

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Re: What frustrates you?

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@jaxs mom


@jaxs mom wrote:

I'm the only person in this house that wipes off the counter. 

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lately, Facebook.  From the hunting pictures to all the political posts I can't do it. It used to be fun. Yesterday I made an innocent comment,I thought, and someone called me a nasty name!