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Re: What Easy Pay Means for Me

@CLEM wrote:

I have noticed that if I have something on easy pay, I do much less impulse shopping.  Generally, I do like to pay for a purchase in total though.   But having one item on easy pay does save me money.  Currently I have a $27 or so/month to pay off until August.


Wonder  if anyone else feels that way?


It's very interesting how @CLEM started out saying Easy Pay was something of a convenience that she uses judiciously, but all of a sudden it became a black and white issue for many others.


It's an option and a convenience, and sure you have to be careful of your own finances, but it is a choice that can make sense.


Sometimes I use it and sometimes I don't.  I see no reason for me to not use it if I want to, or be seduced into using it when I don't want to.



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Re: What Easy Pay Means for Me

I don't understand that.  Sometimes I use EP for no apparent reason.  I think it happens when I use that quick checkout on  If EP is available, they automatically give it to you.  It's weird but if I have too many EP's, I get a little nervous and I feel compelled to pay them off early.  

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Re: What Easy Pay Means for Me

@chrystaltree That is the way I understand it too. If you do the quick checkout, it automatically gives you the easy pay amounts, if they are available, your default credit card, and your default shipping address. 


So I need to be mindful of that when I check out, that I don't use the quick checkout.

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Re: What Easy Pay Means for Me

Easy pay doesn't interest me.  I only use it on the rare occasion when I'm really iffy about a purchase.  And these days on the Q, I tend to not make iffy purchases.

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Re: What Easy Pay Means for Me

For me, I don't buy anything I can't pay for.  Very simple.  I think easy pays get many, many people in serious financial trouble.  They never plan for an emergency situation, i.e. car repair, home repair, medical, etc.  

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Re: What Easy Pay Means for Me

Oh I can pay for it I just chose not to pay all at once since there is no interest.