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    My son is getting married next September. His fiancé doesn’t even want to have a registry.She thinks it’s tacky to ask people to buy you anything specific.

  I would be appalled if my son & his fiancé asked people to contribute toward a honeymoon or anything else. When I got married I didn’t get to go on a honeymoon.Because we couldn’t afford it. We saved up & took a 2 week vacation to Florida for our 1st anniversary.We took the train & stayed in cheap hotels & ate fast food.Lol!!

  JMO but most young people today are spoiled. They want everything right away. Instant gratification. Life isn’t like that.

@NicksmomESQ @That is a pretty dramatic statement about most young people. Are these young people you know? But of course it’s not your young one. 

I don’t like hearing about how horrible other people are except for the people related to the OP. Sweeping and dramatic statements. All young people spoiled but yours.LOL!


@proudlyfromNJ, I agree!  I know plenty of "young people" who are most definitely not spoiled.  And not just the ones I'm related to.  :-)


I really dislike sweeping generalizations.  Most of the young people I know are hardworking, compassionate, and givers rather than takers.  I've been to several weddings where the couples requested donations to charity in lieu of gifts. And others where they did have registries and were gracious about gifts, sent thoughtful thank-you notes promptly, etc. 


IMO the younger generation is constantly criticized unfairly.  Sure, there are young people who are self-involved and spoiled.  But certainly not most of them!  (And I know plenty of older people who are rude and self-centered, so it's not as though young people are problematic and older people are perfect!)


Back to topic:  I don't see anything wrong with having a registry.  It simply provides suggestions.  Guests are free to choose from the registry or not.  They're intended to be helpful, and can easily be ignored.