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@FLgardener wrote:

@BalletBabe , I had no desire to boycott QVC even though I was upset about the announced closure of forums. 


You have exercised your rights. Many have been polarized by all this. I just don't feel that way. I had concerns about the new forum, but was observing it to keep options open. I see it has gone private. I understand.


I have concerns about this forum also, just not enough to make me want to leave.


Best to all. 🙂

@FLgardener    I am not boycotting QVC.   Just won't buy most stuff here anymore.  

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@ciao_bella wrote:

@Marp  Totally agree with your statement!  Those are very 'carefully crafted words' used in their statement about the boards remaining open.  


I believe after the holidays are over, their expanding and building will be done... and, sadly, so will this board!

I believe there will be no warning when they close. The CEO was probably bombarded with emails he'd rather not bother with and they want people on Facebook, not developing a new board as was done this time. Hope everyone who wants a home with a QVC community of people takes note now of the other board if they want something very similar to go to.