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Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Every so often, as I am walking through my home, I'll get a whiff of my mom's perfume.



I do not keep her perfume in my home.



I'll stop, and with the next breath, the scent is gone.



I'll usually stop and say, "Hi, Mom."



Just this morning, that is what happened.




I was on my way to the bathroom, when I smelled my moms perfume.



I said "Hello" to her and continued in to the bathroom, where I smelled her perfume again.



I then said, "I didn't know that ghosts had to go potty, but I do."



The scent disappeared.








Has anybody experienced scents from their departed loved ones?

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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

I think most of us have.  In fact, our doggie was euthanized a couple weeks ago and I smell her in SUV and she never rode in it.  She always rode in the truck which she loved.  

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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

In a word, yes.

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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Sorry @Anonymous032819  but I don't believe in visits by spirits or their scents.  Perhaps your imagination is working overtime.

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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Well I'm one who believes.

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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

@JYWilliams : I am too and have experienced it. It's very interesting and comforting. I feel fortunate to have experienced that.

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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Yes, from my Grandma, but not lately, I guess because my life is going smoothly. My contact with my Grandma is a smell also, it's a smell I remember from when I was a child and stayed over night with my Gram in her bed. That same smell creeps into my bed at night when I'm having a rough go with life. I guess some how my Gram knows I need her comfort. My Gram was always there for me, I don't think I would have survived my childhood if I did not have her and her peaceful home to run to.

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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

I believe daddy is in my heart and "speaks" to me when I need him to.  


DH and I have both felt the dogs still with us.  


Enjoy the moments you can smell them, see them, feel them, or whatever.  Just know they are with you always.  

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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Scents, no but definitely other signs. Smiley Happy


I grew up with a ghost in my house so I don't doubt for second about Spirits walking among us. Some would say it's no different than a Guardian Angel (if they're good Spirits, lol). 

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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

I go to a person who (she hates it when I call her a psychic but....) tells me about people who've died.


There are still times after 15 years when the grief overcomes me I cry so hard I can't catch my breath.  


It happened over the weekend.  Nothing triggered it, I just felt his presence.  No one would ever be able to convince me his spirit was with me.


Why is it so hard for people to understand that?  I think people dismiss things because they don't understand it.


There've been times when the phone rang and I have caller ID and there was nothing on the ID (it also announces who it is calling).


So in my family (I just posted this here) we've always believed when we see a penny it's from a loved one who died.  There's a poem about it.


Ever since I was a little girl I've believed this.  My late husband knew this.


When he died I couldn't ride in the ambulance with him but he had already died in my arms (I did CPR).


So, I had to wait for a cab to come because the ambulance drivers said I shouldn't drive.  I wasn't upset and I wasn't crying but I did what they said I should do.


I got in this old, old taxi cab, driven by a guy who didn't understand much English.  He did understand hospital.


When I slid into the back seat (it was old and torn in places) there was 1 single brand new penny in the middle of the seat.  Just one single penny.


I find one penny's all over my house.  I hate change so I put it in baggies and give it to my little grandson.  I don't have change laying around at all.


Yet I'll find penny's mostly on a floor or in a corner.  


It is comforting to feel like they're still with us.


So, you might try doing what I do.  I write my husband letters.  They are letters about when we met and the years (7) before we had children and when they were young.


I'm a frustrated writer anyway, so it's a win-win for me to do this.


Write about when you were together with this loved one.  It doesn't have to be a huband or wife.  It can be anyone.


I do it so one day my daughters will be able to read intimate conversations he and I had.  Not sexual, but little jokes between the two of us.  


Just silly or deep conversations just he and I knew about.


So, I was just telling my oldest daughter yesterday that I have a theory about getting old(er).


I can now remember exactly every address at every house I had.  I remember little things that happened years ago.


Here's my theory.  I'm no longer MAKING memories.  I don't travel like I used to.  I have a lot more DOWN time.  Things are coming back to me that I haven't thought about in years.


So, finally, (if you got this far down) write little things to your loved one.  Put them in one large envelope or separate ones.  Put them in a place just for you.  One day someone will find them and know what was in your heart.


Maybe they were thoughts and words that shouldn't be said when you were alive, but after you die (I don't say passed) you don't care.


I'd advise you not to be angry in these letters because you can't take back the words.  Just try to have a pure heart and talk to your loved one.


Please come back and let us know if you did it and if you did it might have helped you feel their closeness again.


Take care sweet girl.  Annabellethecat.