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Re: Visits From Loved Ones Who Have Passed

@Imaoldhippie wrote:

@Warrior2022 .......I too had an abusive mom.   She laid the foundation for my brother and me to have very troubling and difficult adulthoods, along with poor decisions on our parts.


I do not get visits or messages from her nor do I want any.  Since I have started my walk with the Lord about 5 years ago I work diligently to forgive her, its very hard, but I am better than I was but not quite there yet.


Im glad your mom visits and is nice to you.  God bless.


I am sorry that you and your brother struggle.  Boy can I relate.  Unfortunately I have no relationship with my siblings, just the way my mother wanted it.  


I wish I could figure out why I get so many visits!


I sincerely wish you well.