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Re: Vaccine Line Jumpers

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We just don't really know who actually is "healthy" Just because we assume certain individuals are healthy and have no chronic conditions that deem them high risk, doesn't mean we're correct. Our health records are private, HIPAA laws protect them.  ( sure hope so) Just because we may look healthy doesn't mean we are. My co worker passed away last month; 36 years old, working from home. So many co workers didn't believe she was ill, and too young to be allowed to work remotely, because she looked healthy. She never once complained or told anyone she was battling cancer. You could not, would not know this looking at her or observing her actions. Her attendance was impeccable.  Rest In Peace Francesca! ♥️ I have a condition myself that I've never shared with friends, my boss or coworkers. 

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I gladly give up my spot for someone else. I have issues that should make me eligible soon or maybe already in my state. I'm just not convinced I want it. With all the new strains I'm just unsure. I'm only speaking for myself. No lectures needed. It's a personal decision and I am perfectly fine with staying safe at home. 

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is political.

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I don't like line jumpers either but the more who are vaccinated the better so that those of us still waiting will hopefully have reduced chance of getting sick.  Plenty of people who were younger than us and without comorbitiies have already been vaccinated because of the odd way the vaccine has been doled out and so it goes.  We will wait our turn.  Hoping that more vaccines become available that are one shot that have a higher rate of success than J & J.  Sometimes it's better to wait especially too if Moderna and Pifzer are planning on revamping to include more variants.  Not too happy to hear that some Moderna recipients got a red itchy rash on their arm and I also read that some people have developed a lump under their armpit on the arm they were injected.  The scientists have been telling people it's fine and not to worry.  Smiley Indifferent  Excuse me but I'm worried.  I don't want a lump in my armpit as a result of a vaccine!  

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He/she is no different then our leaders. Those that said they wanted nothing to do with vaccine are now being videotaped getting theirs. I am still waiting for mine. 66 with health issues and working at a job where distancing is not possible. Then on the news saw that we are sending vaccines to prisoners at gizmo next week. Isn’t that wonderful while Americans are waiting in line!

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So  many problems everywhere with the distribution. Yes, it was not a "wonderful" thing to do and I am totally against Line Jumpers.... but  please powers that  are in charge GET IT RIGHT AND MAKE IT EASIER TO BE IN LINE and get what we need quickly and efficientally. I have helped my neighbors get the vaccine simply because I am computer "aware."  Horror storiies.  1. People who are legit that cannot get signed up and with health issues  2.  People who try to call in with no answer for days   3.  People who attempt to use the Internet only to see FULL signs every hour, every day.  These are people who are the  right age group with the right medical probems.  


One couple in  particular were recent recovering stroke victims with little or no computer experience.  Both given an appointment same day different locations 10 miles apart.  


I managed to get my appointment only because by some luck my doctor sold out and or joined a hospital group that automatically reached out to his patients,  One more to go but totally diifferent location.  Good thing we drive. Niightmare.  

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As I said in another related post this shows  cowardness and just how despicable human's are.

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How nice of you @bonnielu  to help out. I know older people who dont have internet or use it. I am disgusted by the nonchalant attitude I have experienced by my clinics and hospital. If they apparently are not involved at least have the courteousy to direct me to where and how to make an appointment.  Tired of the " I dont know attitude!" I found out by word of mouth to call the Public Health office who has a call list and  they were nice. At least a start.  I found out  later information was on the county website and not the state or local public health website.


I certainly understand those who are  working in the medical  related field in any capacity should be inoculated  and nursing home residents, but I  almost thought it was an I got mine,  find out on for yourself.


Then heard on the news other seniors are even selling their appointment slots!



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It's everywhere.  I expected it.  Those of us who really want and need the vaccination, can't even get on a list.   While all our politicians and the rich and powerful are getting vaccinations.  That's perfectly normal.  

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The whole system is out of control.  My best friend who I love dearly told me in secret that she already had hers.  We both recently turned 60.  She is very healthy and has no issues.  I am on the other hand, a cancer survivor and have a few underlying issues.  More importantly my hubby has a heart condition so therefore I cannot get sick so I don't make him sick!!   Anyhow her brother lives in a senior apartment building and told her when they were giving the shots, she just went to "visit" that day and got in line with everyone else.  I am happy she is protected but sad in a way as others have stated that she did "cut the line".