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@MamaWick wrote:

Both our US and Texas flags fly 24/7 (and yes, they are lit at night).  


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Did anyone else notice that Google did not display an American Flag on  their home page today?  They always seem to 'celebrate' other days i.e. Earth Day, etc. Why not Flag Day?

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@golding76 wrote:

As I write here every year on Flag Day, on this day I wear the American flag pin my beloved father, an immigrant from Greece who came through Ellis Island in 1916, gave me.  This gift is obviously very special to me, as it was for him.


He loved the United States and he wanted me to show my love for my country, too. 

Oh my Goldie, my father also arrived at Ellis Island from Greece i1916!  He was 18.He love this country and was proud to be an American.  Kalinjhta

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My dad came from teh town of tripoli in the state of Arcadia. His family raised sheep. I guess you would call them sheperds. Heart

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Re: Today is Flag Day

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Oh my goodness!  I am so delighted to read your message, Calcgirl!  My dad was 16 when he arrived.


Wow!  What a marvelous coincidence. 


Daddy was from Mani (Lakonia).  You know, the most southern point on the Peloponnesus.  How about your dad?


Kalinichta to you!


ETA:  He arrived aboard the Vasilefs Constantinos.  The ship left Greece from the port of Piraeus and arrived in New York on August 6, 1916.  The Ellis Island Foundation has all that information.

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Re: Today is Flag Day

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Daddy was from Asteri, Lakonia.


My maternal grandfather was from Arcadia.  He was from a town called Issari, located in the mountains.  Guess we were herding mountain goats.  LOL 


Photo of Grandpa's village in Arcadia:Arcadia Greece Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock


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It was a pleasure to read all of your posts regarding Flag Day.


My family also came here through Ellis Island.  I am proud to be an American.  I am proud to stand for the American flag.  May God bless America.   Thank you.





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@golding76 wrote:


Immigrants at Ellis Island in 1916, the year my dear father arrived at Ellis Island from Greece.  I cannot imagine the courage it took to leave his father, mother, sister and two brothers behind so that he could come to the "new world" to make a life for himself and help out his family back in Greece.  He did that dutifully, sending them back money to live.  In addition, he paid for his one brother's dental school and office equipment as well as his sister's dowry.  We were "farm folk" in Greece and came from a tiny village.  America was a land of golden opportunity.


My father traveled (steerage, of course) with his uncle and aunt to the U.S. and lived with them on the Lower East Side of NYC until they all moved to Maryland.  That is where they put down their roots.    


This is the story of all of us unless we have pure American Indian blood.


ETA:    Some of our ancestors did not come here voluntarily but were forced to do so.   We cannot forget that.

God bless our immigrants, who have made this country the great melting pot of the world.

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