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You're not alone. I just made a Butter Pecan Bundt cake.  DH and I had a piece for lunch.  LOL   

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@katte oh my!! butter pecan bundt cake!! that sounds decadent!!
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I am lucky...or maybe not. I am one of those rare folks who does not like chocolate, cannot eat many foods-- like chips, nuts, etc.--because of organs removed due to cancer, and someone who stops eating when I am stressed out.


However, I love to cook and bake. My 93 year old mom often finds regular grocery store food ( including fruit, veggies, protein), home- cooked meals, and treats (e.g., chocolate chip cookies, brownies, etc.) on her porch every five days or so. My neighbors also know that food left outside their doors is from me.  Too bad some of you do not live nearby. I could eliminate my stress by preparing food and some of you could eliminate stress by enjoying comfort food.


Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

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That's beautiful and I don't even eat pineapple.Smiley Happy

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@SeaMaiden-- I wish I could give you ten stars!

A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
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@SeaMaiden wrote:

I know this thread is meant to be funny.


But really, sugar and sweets and junk food full of salt and bad fats  are all so bad for the immune system ...especially now when you want to be as healthy  as possible and your body is dealing with stress too.  

Try not to have the junk  foods you crave in the house....stock up on  fresh fruits like apples, and an assortment of raw nuts..... foods that fill you up and that the body can use. 

sorry to be a Debbie Downer....but a reality check is not a bad thing....and might help you stay on a healthy track in the long run.  🙂❤️


@SeaMaiden   I agree. I have never liked sweets and have to watch carbs. If I don't buy junk food, it's not in the house, then it can't be eaten. No cakes, candy, chips, etc. I reach for fruit, cut up veggies, plain popcorn and I roast cans of chick peas to nosh on while watching TV...protein. We may be in here another month. If people eat badly, there will be many related health issues. 

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@sharke----is that pineapple AND peaches ?? It looks beautiful even tho pineappe cake is not a fave of mine--however anything peaches is fab!!!!!

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yeah, husband hates pineapple, so, we have to split hahahah