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Eating Pepperidge Farms choc. Macadamia cookies.  Never touch these.  I am exercising 2/3 hours a day.  

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Re: T, his has to end soon!!!



@spider woman wrote:
I'm a stress eater to begin with, you can imagine my daily food intake!!!!!
@spider woman ...I'm the total opposite...I lose my appetite when under stress...I'm a light eater to begin with, meaning that I am more of a grazer and I love fruits, vegetables, and salads, so my weight is healthy to begin with...I can spare maybe about 8 pounds or so, but that is all.


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Woke up this morning with a craving for Kraft Mac and cheese. The one in the blue box.....might eat it all if DH doesn't smell it and wake up. Great way to start the day.

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Luckily for me I find salmon to be comfort food.

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Carbs, carbs.  I'm writing a song about how much I love carbs.


To make matters worse, I haven't been able to smell or taste for maybe 10 years (it keeps getting worse).


It used to keep me from over-eating (one meal/lunch a day).  I couldn't smell, so I just didn't eat much.  Even with that I was chubby (not how much but what I eat).


But with being home all day (no errands to run, people to visit), I'm shoving carbs into my mouth just to be doing it.


I can't blame it on boredom, I'm not bored, just around it.


Don't say, "Don't buy it because it's too easy to get it here"......


Ugh!  I'm afraid I'm going to end up getting my own TV show:


It would show me waddling from behind running (still waddling) up to a huge refrigerator....


A big, deep voice comes up and says, "Annabelle couldn't smell or taste, yet she still managed to sniff out every carb in the house...She was known far and wide (whoops..did I say wide), OK, back up....


She was known by a lot of people as having a nose that would find even one potato chip, even if it's between the cushions in the family room....


A voice comes back on after a pause and says, "People we are sorry to inform you Annabelle is unavailable.....she just slipped on a noodle left on the kitchen floor...I'm being told she won't be back......


We will miss you Annabelle.......

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That looks fabulous, @sharke !  I'm on my there in about 20 minutes! Thanks!  

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Re: This has to end soon!!!

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I know this thread is meant to be funny.


But really, sugar and sweets and junk food full of salt and bad fats  are all so bad for the immune system ...especially now when you want to be as healthy  as possible and your body is dealing with stress too.  

Try not to have the junk  foods you crave in the house....stock up on  fresh fruits like apples, and an assortment of raw nuts..... foods that fill you up and that the body can use. 

sorry to be a Debbie Downer....but a reality check is not a bad thing....and might help you stay on a healthy track in the long run.  🙂❤️

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@Annabellethecat that was hysterical!!!
@sharke that was just mean!! but looks delicious!
@SeaMaiden I'm afraid we r gonna have to ask you to leave!!! 😆 just kidding!! you are absolutely right & I do have fresh fruit & veggies that i am enjoying too. but that's why i said this has to end, i need to get back to my low carb lifestyle. it's been said on here that tomorrow (Sunday) we are gonna try to do better & I'm definitely in! wouldnt it be wonderful to emerge from our cocoons as beautiful butterflies?!? wouldnt our friends & families be surprised?!? c'mon ladies let's do it!!!