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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

OMg  1candle a day at my kitchen island omg had no idea this was a problem have 2 cats in a 4 bedroom house they can go to any of my 4 bedrooms if they hate my one candle what is going on? I do every nite for 3 hrs in my kitchen say my prayer to my parents saying I love you think of you so all of you have a problem with this? I will do this every nite so calm down . 

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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

You have the right do do as you want to do, but you do NOT have the right to criticize those who do differently.


So what if others don't want candles in their home?


How is that going to effect your life?



It isn't?


Then don't waste energy getting so upset when others choose not to do as you would wish.


After all, it is their life,and they have the right to not have candles.



Who knew that candles were the end all, and be all of life?!


Good gravy!

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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

@sissel  Everyone does not have the same outlook on gifts, or receiving gifts. Some people are very grateful to receive any gift, and truly appreciate the thought behind the gift--even if it is not something they can or will use. I believe most in that situation are gracious, thank the giver sincerely for thinking of them, and leave it at that. I truly doubt the recepients are telling the givers that their present is awful, they are going to throw it away immediately, etc.

You're just getting to hear the viewpoint of the recepient on this anononymous board. Know what I mean?


Please don't let posts like that upset you so. Sometimes the boards here in general can get very negative, and if you find it starting to affect you and how you feel, then I suggest stepping away. I take those self imposed "time outs" frequently, particularly this time of the year. 


Remain festive and jolly on! Smiley Happy


Oh....and Merry Christmas!

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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

@sissel  If someone doesn't know anyone well enough to know what would make a gift that they would like then why buy a gift?  You can't assume that something you like is what to buy others so a gift card to somewhere just about everyone can find something is the best way to go if you really want to give a gift.  

I know I just got rid of 2 large  containers of candles, scarves, ornaments, costume jewelry bought by those that know I don't wear such things,mugs. perfumes that were given to me by the gifter knowing I have a reaction to scents, etc. They all came from those knowing I do not want gifts.  Not ungrateful - just uncaring people who are so self centered that they put no thought into giving a real gift for the person by seeing the obvious.  It's not about the giver but giving a real meaningful gift.

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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

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I read some of those posts and the ones I read didn't seem ungrateful, they just didn't want to be wasteful.  I don't like to spend my hard earned money on something that someone very well might not use or even throw away.  With that said, I am sure most of the women here would accept it graciously even if they knew they weren't going to keep it.  That's the way most of us roll!

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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

That thread wasn't created to cause controversy or get anyone upet.  Someone simply asked if others liked receiving candles as gifts.  It's a perfectly valid question - especially in the Home Forum.


No one sounded ungrateful or rude.  People just answered the question.  Don't get yourself all bent out of shape over something so trivial.  It's really not all that important.

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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

@sissel wrote:

I was on different site some don't  like a candle or a fragrances so much stupidity who cares at this point give it to charity why complain but they will complain why can't just be grateful but no these greedy peeps will complain about their gifts because not to their liking. Just sad. Yes they they didn't get the gifts they wanted Just sad,. geedy people






I think you're reading a lot into what others think.   Scents are very personal and what you like is probably not what someone else likes.  Don't get in a dither over something that doesn't matter.   

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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

I am very picky about scented candles.  If I received one as a gift, I would be gracious about it. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't burn it.  I would either give it to someone who did like it or donate it.


I generally do not give candles as gifts unless I know for certain it's a scent they would like.  I wouldn't give someone a candle if I wasn't sure if they even burn them.  



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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

@Pook : I listen and watch my family and friends during the year to collect a list of items they need and want. I prefer to gift want someone will use and need. My SIL mentioned that her 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup was chipped and she used it in the microwave to make tea. My Christmas gift to her will be a box including the measuring cup, two packages of her favorite tea and two of the half gallon lock n lock pitchers because she makes sweet and unsweetened tea. When friends open my gift they look at me and ask- how did you know that I needed or wanted this? Southern Bee


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Re: They hate xmas gifts so picky & un greatful

I know plenty of people who would gladly accept these items. Please donate.