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They are precious, so beautiful.

I was wondering, @MamaWick, do you ever find antlers when the deer shed? After living here for 24 years and seeing many bucks, and never an antler one, we got new neighbors and their dog thinks he is mine. He brought us two antlers last year.

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Re: Thanksgiving guests

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@MamaWick   I love your deer photos! 
  I saw the doe with the injured leg briefly as she was going into my bamboo. The twins and a younger baby were with her.  There are a lot of acorns and tree beech nuts now. 
  One of the twins from early Spring is so frisky, it runs so fast and was jumping in the leaves. At least the mother didn't seem to be limping as bad now. These three baby's are a lot to take care of! 

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@MamaWick -

Wow! He is something!

What a wonderful gathering of Thanksgiving guests!Heart

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Wow, the whole clan arrived for carrots.


With the look on that buck's face, I would not only have tossed the carrots but probably spilled my cookies, too.  Such a steel gaze he had.   

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@MamaWick @What a wonderful Thanksgiving party you held.  I'm sure that your guests blessed you in their own way!

Woofs to Cricket and you all. 

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@MamaWick ...They're no fools, they made up their minds they weren't going to miss out on  Thanksgiving dinner.   Woman Happy Heart

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@Dobilyn wrote:

Those are the guests I would love to at my house.  

No you wouldn't, they do their business constanrly, and you can see the grass is in poor shape. I have them, but don't ever feed them. against the law here to feed wild animals.They are beautiful, but dangerous too.

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It's November and our St Augustine grass is going dormant.

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You sure got their attention with the carrots. You are a very kind person. My sister used to leave apples out at a certain time each day and they would show up until the neighbors got after her. I can see you don't have that problem. You have lots of land and she was in a suburb.

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No cranberries, for them?They might like them.

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